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Mandamados, Lesvos island
81104, Mytilene

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The MYSTAKELLI DAIRY PRODUCTS Co. is located in Mandamados, Lesvos island, Greece.

  • the island of olive trees, of the exquisite olive oil, of ouzo,
  • the island of animal farming, with many cheese factories,
  • the island of rich architecture,
  • the island of taste, with unique recipes and aromas,
  • the island of volcanoes, whose anger gave birth to unique petrified forests and hot springs,
  • the island of love and poets, whose poetry mirrors the greatness of the world,
  • the island of hospitality and humanity, well known for the way it embraced the uprooted children
a blessed island, known to all visitors
Mantamados, a particularly beautiful, picturesque mountain community, renowned for its medieval Monastery of Holy Archangels. Famous for its pottery, especially the ewers made the same way for more than one hundred years, the coil and branches, signifying the values of friendship and peace, that was the inspiration for the MYSTAKELLI logo.

The Venture
We continue the tradition started in 1962 by MYSTAKELLIS Family in their traditional cheese factory. Our products are now made in our new, modern facility, from 100%

venture mystakellisheep and goat milk of Mantamados, using the long experience and knowledge of the same people who for a great number of years and with continuous improvements have provided to consumers the steady, recognized quality of the MYSTAKELLI products.

The Raw Material

  • the components of the blessed land of Lesvos,
  • the mild Mediterranean climate,
  • the rich, pesticide-free flora made up of diverse plants and herbs,
  • the endless sunshine,
  • the saltiness of the sea,
  • the free-range sheep and goats of the particular breed found at the region of Mantamados,

provide an exceptional quality milk with unique aromas and taste, a perfect base-material for our dairy products.

High quality products

Traditional techniques, applied since hundreds of years, transform our quality milk into exquisite cheeses and dairy products, a true little treasure for everyone how appreciates exceptional food.
The combination of premium quality raw materials, long experience and tradition, unceasing effort for improvement and innovation, use of modern technology and strict adherence to hygiene regulations, results in the MYSTAKELLI high quality and nutritional value cheese products.


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