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MEGA Disposables S.A. is today one of the largest manufacturers of disposable hygienic products in Europe.

Founded in 1980, it has created a complete range of branded personal hygiene products, which combine excellent quality standards with exceptional skin-friendliness properties, based on:

- State-of-the-art technology
- Innovative product design with distinct Unique Selling Proposition
- Pioneering production techniques
- Continuous investment in consumer research
- Impactful marketing support 

Investment in research and development is un-interrupted in MEGA. The company regularly follows the trends in consumer needs, and carefully plans the appropriate product design and technology adjustment actions. Constantly investing in state-of-the-art technology and quality control equipment, but also in experienced personnel, MEGA encompasses today a valuable combination of modern technology and excellent know-how in its field.

With a portfolio of well-known brands, such as: EveryDay, Pom Pon, BabyCare, Babylino, Tipers, Wet Hankies, MEGA, Sani, that hold No1 or No2 positions in the Greek market, but also a strong presence in 4 Continents, MEGA has built a special bond of trust with consumers. As special as MEGA’s unique proposal in personal hygiene: a complete range of personal hygiene products, designed for all age groups, with top quality standards and skin-friendliness as the ultimate priority in their design.

Sanitary napkins, pantyliners, cotton discs, make-up removal wipes, intim wipes, intim wash.

Babies and children  
Baby diapers, baby pants, baby wipes, antiseptic wipes for children.

The elderly              
A full range of incontinence products (light inco pads, pants, briefs, bedpads)

The entire family   
Cotton wool, cotton buds, antibacterial wipes, wipes for cold relief.

MEGA is a strategic partner for retailers - both in Greece and abroad, suppliers and collaborating companies, setting standards higher and higher, and always aiming at offering MORE. Excellent quality, innovative product design, exceptional skin-friendly properties, respect to the needs of the consumer: for MEGA, all these “ingredients” need to be part of a product, in order for it to be complete. Firm commitment to these high standards have allowed MEGA to gain increasing loyalty of consumers, un-interrupted trust of retailers in Greece and abroad for both branded products and private labels, but also important co-operations with large multinational companies in the field of personal hygiene products, that have entrusted MEGA with the production of their very brands, under contract manufacturing.

Today, MEGA is present in more 4 Continents, still entering in new markets every year, thereby proving that its top quality standards and innovative product design have not only a Greek origin, but also an international passport.

* GREEK EXPORTERS: Officially registered Gold Member.

Baby diapers "BABYLINO", Sanitary napkins and pantyliners “EVERYDAY”, Incontinence products “SANI”, Wet wipes “WET HANKIES”, Baby wipes “BABY CARE”, Cosmetic wipes “POMPON”.
Managing Director:
Mr. Constantin Vitouladitis
General Manager:
Mr. Constantin Vitouladitis
Export Manager:
Mr. Christos Ganotis
Type of company sought:
Distributors of branded products, Companies interested in contract manufacturing to complete their product range, Super market chains for private label.
Desired cooperation:
Export / Direct Sales
Private label
Commercial cooperation
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