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Volou - Larissas Rd (10th km),
38500, Volos

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Our company has been active in the field of tin plating since 1990.
Beginning as an O.E company it became an Anonymous Company in 2000.

During the past few years we have invested in automatic machinery as we consider the quality of our products to be a matter of prime importance.

For this reason we have implemented the quality management system according to International Standards of ISO 9001:2000.

Our company initially produced tins for fish salted owing to the abundance of factories in the region of Central Greece and in particular the Volos area and during recent years has extended its production to cans for olive oil, cheese, olives, honey and pickles …

We concentrate our efforts primarily on covering the customers wishes and needs and satisfying the trust they have shown in us over the years and thereby ensuring that ANTHOPOULOS A.E progresses at a steady rate of development.

In its own way the company contributes to an improved quality of living which in turn leads to a cleaner environment given that all the cans it produces are fully recyclable.

It should not be forgotten that tin plate packaging is the only one that protects the product from light, oxygen, humidity and radiation.

Owing to the modern equipment and machinery - exclusively used only by us in Greece.
The company has reached an annual production of 1.000.000 large square cans for feta cheese, olive oil and olives and 500.000 tins for fish salted - it aims to reach a target of 2.000.000 cans this year.

The company has begun procedure for obtaining HCCP certification for the production of sterilised cans for olives, which will assist in widening its range of activities in both the Greek and International markets.

GREEK EXPORTERS: Officially registered Member.


Tin cans for food packaging (feta cheese, olive oil, olives, honey, canned fish etc.), Metal printing.
Managing Director:
Mr. Panagiotis Anthopoulos
General & Sales Manager:
Mrs. Mairy Anthopoulou
Type of company sought:
Companies of production and standardisation of olive oil, cheese, olives, honey and pickles, fish salted, commercial collaborators, local representatives.
Desired cooperation:
Export / Direct Sales
Partnership / Trade Cooperation
Third party production