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Nutria was founded in 1994 as a continuation of a smaller company.

The primary facilities consisted of an olive mill which crushed the local harvest in olives, a small bottling unit and a complex of silos for grain storage. From the very beginning of its operation, Nutria’s activity was mainly centered on exports and this trend continued for a decade.

In 1997 the company establishes a complex of silos for grain storage in Stefanovikeio, Magnesia.

In 2005, as a result of a series of investments, Nutria broadens its production by constructing a modern packing unit and a finished product warehouse, occupying a total surface of 5.000sq m. In 2006, Nutria starts the construction of the oil refinery unit for the refining of olive oil, olive pomace oil and seed oils. At the same time, the construction of a tank complex for the storage of the primary materials to be processed or bottled takes place.

By the completion of the above investments, in 2009, Nutrias Sales Department, dedicated to the domestic market, begins its activity.

In 2012, Nutria begins the planting of an olive grove of Koroneiki variety olive trees with a surface of about 10 hectares. Via this project, Nutria aims to experiment on the optimization of the farming techniques, the collection techniques and their relation with the quality of the olive oil.

Nowadays, Nutria can be characterized as a modern, vertically integrated unit with a well- established position both in the domestic market and abroad. Nutrias products are exported to more than 30 countries all over the world.
For the purpose of checking, our product is always chemically analyzed in the companys modem laboratory, performing all the analyses required by the EC 2568/91 and subsequent amendments.
Last but not least, Nutrias whole production process of olive oil incorporates high quality standards, certified by TUV HACCP.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, POP Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Kernel Oil.
General & Export Manager:
Mr. Nikos Zavakos
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We are interested in contact with importers, wholesalers, supermarket chains and distributors.
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Export / Direct Sales
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