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(1st km) Katerinis-Thessalonikis Old National Rd
60100, Katerini

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Maxi SA was founded in 1988 in Katerini. It is activated and plays a leading part in sector of paper production for domestic and professional use. The industry’s buildings are accommodated in privately owned ultramodern installations of total area 15.000m2.

It occupies 169 specialized workers. In 2002 Maxi SA proceeded in the complete modernization of the industrial and mechanical production .standardization and packing equipments, corresponding the modern needs and requirements of market with the most optimal possible way. This action classified the industry in the first place of production, in the wide boarders of southern Europe.

The year 2009 was a landmark for the Maxi paper industry owners.
By th full understanding of the continuous demands of our company’s products and the expansion of its merchandising network, the company also dedicated to expand the company’s activities (besides the processing and the standardization) and to construct an ultramodern production unit of paper pulp.

 * GREEK EXPORTERS: Officially registered Gold Member.
Tissue paper, Final paper products: napkins, white – color, toilet paper, embossed and smooth 2ply and 3 ply, kitchen rolls 2 and 3 rolls, 400gr, 550gr, medical rolls - cotton paper folded, professional, Hand towel z-z 32gr–24gr, professional kitchen, 500, 700, 800, 1000gr, Professional toilet paper 500gr, Bobina 2,3,5kg, Table cover white, blue, red layouts 1x96cm, 1x1,30cm, plastic units dish liquid soap 500, 750ml, 4lt, hard liquid cleaner 1,5lt, 4lt, Fabric softener, 750ml, 4lt, washing powder 4,05 kg, 6,75 kg, 20 kg, hand wash cleaning powder 400 gr, 15 kg, liquid bleach 750ml, 2lt, 4lt normal, perfume, liquid shiner 500ml, 4lt, liquid soap 500ml, 4lt, straws 100, 1000 pcs, plastic forks, knifes spoons, cups, tablecloths.
  • MAXI Narkins
  • MAXI Kicthen Roll
  • MAXI Foto3
  • MAXI Toilet
  • MAXI Tablecloths
  • MAXI F6 Cleaning
  • MAXI F7 Cleaning
  • MAXI F8 Towels
Managing Director:
Mr. Vasilios Papadopoulos
General Manager:
Mr. Elias Papadopoulos
Export Manager:
Ms. Fani Fotiadou
Type of company sought:
We are interesting in the cooperation with companies viewpoint are able to represent us and our products on their markets and in their countries with trade name Maxi and also with their personal trade mark name.
Desired cooperation:
Export / Direct Sales
Third part production