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The company IRIS Aromatic Herbs is a new company, which was founded envisioned the promotion of excellent quality and of high biological value aromatic herbs from hellenic nature.

Having the experience of the crocus cultivation for more than thirty years, we offer you a pure product, without the use of chemical pharmaceuticals and fertilizers.

Crocus Sativus Linnaeus is a precious pharmaceutical plant, that is known from the ancient times for its therapeutic, aromatic, colouring and flavouring properties.

As a medicinal plant, its therapeutic properties make it a youth elixir. In cooking, its drained stigmata are used to add colour and flavour. The aroma of crocus is lightly iodine. It has a special bitterish flavour and gives a bright yellow colour.

It blends harmonically in sauces, rice, pasta, legumes, potatoes, fishes, seafood, fish soups, meats like the lamb and the chicken. Moreover, it matches in biscuits and in confectionery, in the ice cream, in various bakery products and everages, in the tea, in the coffee and in the water.

For a kilogram of dried stigmas, there are needed about 150.000 blossoms, the ingathering of which is done by hand. It is an extremely arduous work that requires craftsmanship.

In Greece, crocus thrives only on a certain region, because it needs a special climatic conditions. Greek crocus is qualitatively the best one worldwide. Its aroma is sensibly much more intense than that of the others and its colouring strenght much higher as well..

Organic and non organic saffron (packaged in glass jar and bulk filaments).
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We would like to have direct cooperation with any partner who is interested in purchasing Greek saffron.
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