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Kavalas - Xanthis Rd (10th km),
64006, Nea Karvali, Kavala

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The SK Fish started in 1992 by Kyriakos Sidiropoulos and then partner with C. Papadopoulos their common point of love for the fish and the target quality fish in the consumers table.

Pioneers in their field then began with much labor and effort in their difficult task.

The first type of production and the bass was the harvesting was done with the traditional net and griffins, method used by SK Fish today.

In 2000 the company became a family as it entered the viruses Kyriakos Sidiropoulos, Christos Claus and who in 2001 took the company until today.

Since 2008 SK Fish addresses except for the culture and the general sale of fish, fresh and frozen and shells.

Our unit is located in New Karvali Kavala 4 channels containing 32 acres with brackish and salt water, and also has ideal environmental conditions. Within these are oxygenators, and machinery for stabilizing the temperature, while keeping mussels, crabs, clams and bait just like the natural environment.

The packing our day packs immediately and correctly tonnes of fish and refrigerated trucks we carry our products directly to their final destination.

Finally, our facilities are also water pump and engine to provide the ideal conditions for our fish and cold rooms for the continuous production of ice.

Our unit exaliefei 500 tons of wild fish per year. The species is producing bream, sea bass, Snow, Sheepshead, Red snapper, Melokopi-Head and Skull and are daily in hundreds of family tables.

The harvesting of our fish is in the old, traditional way, ie with nets (griffin). In this way we are confident in the quality of the fish exaliefoume.

Once the fish out of water, thrown into Pagoneri careful temperature for instantaneous death. Thus achieve better maintenance and durability.

Our next move is the packaging, which is a few minutes after harvesting.

Fish are checked and packaged in 1 to 1 to avoid any problem in packs of 5 or 10 kg. according to the needs and desires of our customers.

The movement is a direct-owned trucks for domestic refrigerators and airplanes to foreign customers.

Our goal is to found our fish a few hours after harvesting them at your table.
Fresh, frozen fish and seafood (bream, sea bass, melokopi etc.).
Managing Director:
Mr. Kyriakos Sidiropoulos
General & Export Manager:
Mr. Vasileios Sidiropoulos
Type of company sought:
Wholesalers importers - hotels - restaurants - catering or super markets, we are looking for reliable importers.
Desired cooperation:
Export / Direct Sales
Third part production
Partnership / Trade Cooperation
Tenders / Procurements
Wholesale, Distributors