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81105, Lesvos

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The agricultural cooperative of Mesotopos was established in 1923 in Mesotopos village and it operates uninterruptedly until today. Our presence in the economic, agricultural and social sectors of our region is dynamic. 

Our cooperative has 150 registered members with 35.000 livestock and produced sheep and goat milk 4.000.000 kg per year.

We are pioneering in the organization, management and sale of milk and animal feed. We are housed in a privately-owned area and have built up a state-of-the-art packaging for animal feed and agricultural supplies.
We have developed by investing in technology, know-how and human resources and for the proper guidance of our breeders we have recruited experienced scientists such as agronomist to integrate our members into programs for the modernization of livestock farms to increase their livestock and become productively competitive as well as vets to monitor their flocks.
We created a Milk Producers Group and joined a Genetic Enhancement Program for Lesbian Race Sheep with emphasis on the continuous and gradual genetic improvement of sheep breed performance both in quantitative and qualitative terms. In this way, from the first drop of milk produced by the traditional sheep and goat livestock of western Lesvos with its mild climate and the animals grazing freely in the mountains.

This combinations of the natural flora and local sheep and goat breeds is the operative factor of the superior quality of the milk composition which can be characterized under certain conditions as organic and ecological.

P.D.O. Feta of Lesvos Mesopotamos Cooperative is a pure co-op product that reaches first-hand consumers and its price is particularly affordable and competitive.

          It is our  - White Gold -  produced by our own sheep and goat milk.
Feta cheese P.D.O., Ladotyri Mytilinis P.D.O., Graviera Mytilinis.
Mr. Vasileios Zagkoulis
General & Export Manager:
Mr. Emmanuel Konstantidelis
Type of company sought:
Importers, Distributors, Supermarkets, dairy companies.
Desired cooperation:
Export / Direct Sales
Wholesale, Distributors
Partnership / Trade Cooperation