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Our company, Vassilopoulos Bros S.A. operates in the field of fertilizers production since 1971 and specializes in the production of organic (organic-chemical), biological, soil-amending, water-soluble fertilizers and composts.

The Mission, the Vision and the Principles of our company are mentioned below:

The Mission of our company is both the production and distribution to growers, of high quality, innovative and revolutionary organic-chemical, biological, soil-amending fertilizers and composts for an integrated fertilization of crops culture with a simultaneous improvement of the fertility and structure of the soil, as well as an improvement of crops performance.

The Vision of our company is to assist remodel cultivation values in general towards the production of quality fertilizers, always respecting the environment. Our company pursues to maintain its leadership in the Greek Market and establish as one of the dominant and most remarkable in its category in the area of South-Eastern Europe. 

Our companys main principles are the following:

-Honesty - Respect
-High quality of Products and Services
-Long-lasting partnerships with both customers and suppliers
-Well-trained personnel
-Sustainable development

Brief history
• 1937: Messrs. Periklis, Ioannis, Vassilios and Giorgos Vassilopoulos jointly found
   a drugstore in the area of Patras. 
• 1948: Establishment of Vassilopoulos Bros S.A., registered in Patras and operating
   in the field of commerce of chemical raw materials, pharmaceuticals, agricultural
   fertilizers and pesticides. 
• 1959: Branch creation in Athens. 
• 1971: Companys business expansion in the field of organic fertilizers. 
• 1974: Mr. Periklis Vassilopoulos assumes leadership duties in the company. 
• 1976: Companys division. Headquartered in Athens, and with facilities in the Magoula
   region, Vassilopoulos Bros S.A. is founded as an S.A. after share capital increase,
   operating in the production of organic fertilizers. 
• 1980: Beginning of compound organic fertilizers production. 
• 1984: The Company realizes its first sales in international markets. 
• 1997: Beginning of biological fertilizers production. 
• 2003: The Company takes leadership both in organic and biological fertilizers fields. 
• 2005: Companys business expansion in the field of water-soluble fertilizers. 
• 2009: The Company takes first place in sales in the field of organic-chemical
  fertilizers. It holds this place until today. 

Vassilopoulos Bros S.A. is a family company with a registered capital entirely consisting of own capital, as well as self-owned facilities. Companys progress was and continues to be systematically high and stable; it is now known among Greek growers as one of the most innovative companies of our country, producing the most qualitative fertilizers of Greek market. Since 2005, Companys progress to development was crucial in this direction. For the last seven (7) years the Company is a leader in the fields of production of biological and organic fertilizers, being first in sales in the domestic environment with more than 50% of the total fields turnover. For the last ten (10) years the company has extrovert characteristics performing expansion operations of its business in international markets. Indicatively, Company has significantly penetrated till today Skopje, Cyprus, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia markets.
Fertilizers (Biological, Soil-Amending, Organic-Chemical, Water-Soluble), Composts.
Managing Director:
Mr. Ioannis Vassilopoulos
General Manager:
Mr. Ioannis Vassilopoulos
Export Manager:
Mr. George Kalyvas, Ms Aggeliki Vlastarakou
Type of company sought:
Agriculture, Agrochemicals, Fertilizers
Desired cooperation:
Partnership / Trade Cooperation
Joint / Venture
Export / Direct Sales
Wholesale / Representation