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34018, Kathenoi

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In 1962, Nikolaos and Panagiota AGGELAKIS created a small family poultry farming business in Chalkida.

The conditions in the Greek market have gradually changed and new, bigger requirements and needs have emerged amongst consumers.

The dynamic advent of Aggelakis family young generation in 1992 has driven the business’s growth into a modern vertically integrated industrial poultry farm unit, preserving at the same time our traditional family business philosophy.

This was the time when AGGELAKIS S.A. was established and in the same period a privately-owned state-of-the-art poultry slaughterhouse was constructed in the area of Pournos, in Evia.
The young generation of Aggelakis family, Thanos and Taxiarchis, made a dynamic entry in the business and contributed effectively to AGGELAKIS S.A evolution into a fully organized fresh chicken production plant.

At present, AGGELAKIS products are available in the largest super markets of the country and in known companies of mass catering.

The stimuli we receive during our childhood are following us for the rest of our lives.
I was born and grew up in the Greek province and my childhood memories involve tastes and flavors.
I was brought up with the traditions of our native land and these are the traditions I have been following to date. Since I took over our family poultry farm, I worked with eagerness and momentum, keeping up the same traditional family mindset.
Respect to man, attachment to the values of the business, emphasis on the quality-cost ratio, ongoing renewal of methods and products.
We never sacrifice quality for quantity. Our aim is to have top quality and tasteful products, far from reminding standardized products lacking imagination.

Thanos Aggelakis

Slaughterhouse by-products, frozen poultry.