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For 30 years, the Gyparakis family manufactures, using traditional methods and with the purest Cretan ingredients, the GYPAS dairy products. Their story began in 1985, in a unique and mountainous region, Asi Gonia (in Chania, Crete) where the family decided to share the secrets of the recipes of the Greeks favorite food, passing along the passion and the experience of the earlier generation.

In the foothills of the Lefka Ori (White Mountains), at an altitude of 500 meters, the first creamery was built right in the center of the village, Grandpa Andreas offered his valuable experience and passion for the production of dairy products, based on the rich in flavor and nutrients Creta milk.

Soon, the small creamery could not meet the high demand. Thus, it moved to another region of Asi Gonia and evolved into a sophisticated cheese plant of 3,000 m2, combining the valuable experience of local cheesemakers with the excellent know-how and the modern facilities and ensuring the safety and quality of its products.

Today, Gyparakis family dairy products, under the name GYPAS, carry on the tradition and became a synonym for flavor and the renowned Cretan diet. 

Our products:

GYPAS dairy products are prepared using exclusively local sheep and goat milk and have conquered with their flavor even the most demanding customers. The milk is collected on a daily basis from selected products and from animals living freely in the mountains of Crete. The Milk is transported to the companys own modern creamery, where the required quality controls take place, ensuring a superior product 1uality. Pasteurization is done under excellent sanitary conditions, followed by the processing of the various products.

The dairy products are tasty and stand out for their freshness, for their traditional manner of preparation in our modern facilities and, particularly, for their pure raw materials.

GREEK EXPORTERS: Officially registered Member.
Graviera from Crete, Spicy Mitatotyri, Fresh Anthotyro, Dry Anthotyro, White Cheese in Brine (Feta), Drained Mizithra Kouroupas, Sour Mizithra.
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General & Export Manager:
Mrs. Paraskevi Gyparaki
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Importers, Wholesalers, Representatives, Supermarkets, Minimarkets, Ho.Re.Ca etc.
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The company GYPARI BROS General Partnership performs daily checks. It is certified for PDO products by Agrocert, the Agri-Food Partnership of the Region of Crete and has a certified safety and hygiene food management system according to the standards FSSC 22000 : 2010, ISO 22000 : 2005  &  PASS 220 : 2008.

GYPAS cheese products have been awarded for their taste with the Superior Taste Award, with two stars from ITQI.