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The history of our company and the Kontodima family begins in 1960, when growers collected their production by simple means, but with passion and respect for nature and its products.

Wanting to share our love for natural products, we created in 2016 AMVRELIA KONTODIMAS, the first Greek company that processes the unique variety KONSERVOLIA ARTAS.

Our company did not just follow the traditional recipe bequeathed to us by the previous generations of our Family, but enriched it taking into account the modern nutritional needs of the consumer.

We create unique products without the addition of any preservative or chemical. The education of the olives takes place in a small depth and in a natural way maintaining their bitterness which, as we know, is interlinked with the high levels in polyphenols.
We only use natural ingredients: Lemon, Sea Salt, Wine Vinegar and Oregano. Our Olives mature for a long time with natural methods to make them delicious, aromatic, and rich in polyphenols. With each packaging of AMVRELIA, we transfer you all the tradition, experience, taste and rich nutrients of the unique variety of KONSERVOLIA ARTAS, which already belongs to the Products of Protected Geographical Indication (P.G.I.) of the European Union.

Our olive groves are located in a dominant area of olive cultivation, which considers the olive tree sacred, while it is famous for its ideal climatic conditions and excellent natural environment. At the same time, we are working for their immediate conversion into organic olive groves, while we are the first Greek company to be certified and praised by ELGO –DIMITRA for the fact that our Companys products are 100% Greek.


GREEK EXPORTERS: Officially registered Member

Variety Konservolia Artas P.G.I and Kalamon (olives, olive paste, pitted olives, stuffed olives).
Managing Director:
Mr. Athanasios Kontodimas
General Manager:
Mr. Athanasios Kontodimas
Type of company sought:
We are interested for customers who are interested in premium quality products, healthy products, without preservatives, natural and organic.
Desired cooperation:
Export / Direct Sales
                                  AMVRELIA in SIAL and ANUGA Exhibitions