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EUROPA PROFIL ALUMINIUM S.A. is the leading aluminium extrusion company in Greece. Founded in 1974 by Libaret T. Tzirakian, it is the best known aluminium brand in the region. EUROPA is recognized for its superior quality, its ability to exceed the expectations of its most demanding customers worldwide.

EUROPAs products are used not only as building materials for premium residential and commercial buildings but also in energy related projects and various industrial uses. EUROPA is synonymous with innovation in aluminium, for residential and industrial uses. Its Hybrid systems save energy by providing optimum levels of thermal and sound insulation, safety and aesthetics.
A strong presence across the value chain and synergies between operations has given EUROPA a dominant share in the value-added products market. As a step towards expanding the market for value-added products and services, the company has launched over the past few years various aluminium systems brands, security doors and accessories, photovoltaic mounting systems, glass railing systems etc.

EUROPA Basic Figures :

- Estimated 1.000 certified aluminium fabricators
- Continuous advertising and promotional campaigns through the majority of channels
- Reliable commercial network throughout Greece
- 6 Corporate Show Rooms
- 49 EUROPA CLUB fabricators showrooms
- More than 50 complete aluminium systems certified in the most prestigious Laboratories such as Ift ROSENHEIM, ISTITUTO GIORDANO, DTI, E.K.AN.AL etc.
- Daily technical assistance provided by EUROPA trained employees
-Research and Development department with dedicated industrial designers

Furthermore, EUROPA has created a special department, in order to cover the need for information towards architects, civil engineers and auditors. This department can provide necessary and accurate information, authoritative technical studies and cover all possible needs regarding architectural aluminium systems, providing actual solutions.

Export products : 
Architectural Aluminium systems   
   - Opening Systems 
   - Folding Systems 
   - Sliding Systems 
   - Double Hung Tilt In Window Systems 
   - Roller Shutters 
   - Insect Screen Systems 
   - Special Architectural Applications 
Outdoor systems
   - Shading Systems 
   - Pergolas 
   - Security Doors 
   - Aluminium Panels 
   - Railing Systems 
Industrial applications
   - Mounting Systems for Photovoltaic Panels 
   - Custom Made Profiles 
   - Standard Profiles

Aluminium systems, Security doors, Roller shutters, Insect screens, Shading systems, Panels, Railings, Pergolas, Photovoltaic systems etc.
Type of company sought:
Aluminium Systems Fabricators, Architects, Companies that use aluminium in their core activities, Aluminium Wholesalers, Real estate developers, materials contractors/suppliers.
Desired cooperation:
Export / Direct Sales
Private label
Partnership / Trade Cooperation