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MYTILINEOS is one of Greeces leading industrial companies, with activities in Metallurgy, EPC, Electric Power and Gas Trading.

MYTILINEOS is listed on the Athens Exchange since 1995. Today, the Companys stock is a constituent of the FTSE 25 Large Capitalisation index. In the last years, the Company has significantly increase its turnover and profits, and its activities have substantially contributed to infrastructure creation across the country.

MYTILINEOS is a global leader in the EPC sector (Engineering-Procurement-Construction) through METKA. The Company specialises in the construction of power plants from design and procurement through to construction and completion, and has achieved an unprecedented penetration in developing markets abroad, with projects currently underway in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, constituting it as one of Greece’s leading exporting companies.

Today, the Company is a frontrunner in the Metallurgy sector. MYTILINEOS owns ALUMINIUM OF GREECE, the largest vertically integrated aluminium and alumina producer in the European Union, and one of the most robustly growing industrial businesses in Greece.

The Companys establishment in the Energy sector is a major challenge and goal. PROTERGIA brings all of the Companys energy assets and activities under one roof. Today, the Company is among the leading private players in the Energy sector and the largest independent electricity producer in Greece.

The Companys Gas Trading Business Unit has consistently secured natural gas under competitive terms, allowing it to empower the Companys Energy assets, while also achieving notable organic development.

The dynamic business growth of MYTILINEOS is inextricably linked to our principles of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development. For us, Sustainable Development means to strive for business excellence while remaining committed to our vision, with full respect for society, the environment, our people and our shareholders. The cornerstone of the Companys sustainability policy is the harmonious coexistence of its operations with the needs of the local communities where these are located. In this context, MYTILINEOS is actively supporting major cultural and educational initiatives, as well as initiatives for the protection of the environment.
Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC) contractor for specialized large-scale energy projects, undertaking the complete range of EPC activities through to project completion. Exports of alumina and aluminium.