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100, Nato Ave.
19300, Aspropyrgos, Athens

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BITROS HOLDING S.A. is  at the summit of the pyramid of companies that form the BITROS Group. It is a company whose portfolio holds both majority and minority share packages important number of  companies active mainly in the metallurgy, real-estate development and energy sectors.

Established in Piraeus in 1945 by Ioannis Bitros, the father of its current chairman, as a one-man business trading in iron products, it has operated as a société anonyme since 1957 under the name BITROS S.A. In its sixty eight-year history it has followed a remarkable course of development that has led to its becoming one of the top Greek companies in the manufacture and trade of steel products. In 1990 the Company was listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.

In 2000 it was converted into a holding company. The conversion was effected through the separation of the metallurgy branch of BITROS S.A. and its absorption by another legal entity named BITROS STEEL S.A.
The companys headquarters and central offices are located near Athens at 100, Nato Avenue, Aspropyrgos.

-Concrete Reinforcing Steel in Bars and Coils
-THORAX Antiseismic Reinforcement
-Cage for pile reinforcement in dimensions Φ40cm to Φ200m
-Wire mess
-Wire for the tying of the re-bars
-Plain reinforcing bars (for pins)
-Plastic spacers
-Insulation Material

-Compiling of the cutting and bending lists according to the drawings
-Shaping (bending)
-Reinforcement placement (fixing)

Quality Certificates:
20/8/2001: BITROS STEEL S.A. was the first company in the sector to be certified in accordance with ISO 9002:1994. The certification covers all its activities relating to the processing, production, storage and trade of iron and steel products.
7/10/2003: BITROS STEEL S.A. upgraded its existing quality system to the ELOT EN ISO 9001:2000 standard. The upgrade was effected in line with the companys philosophy of ongoing improvement in its products and services.
28/11/2007: BITROS STEEL proceeded to extend its existing quality system in accordance with the ELOT EN ISO 9001:2000 standard, so as to include
its branch in Sindos.
16/06/2010: BITROS STEEL S.A. upgraded its existing quality system to the ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Steel sheets, pipes and profiles, hollow bars, iron, photovoltaic energy production systems .
Managing Director:
Mr. Panos Bitros
Export Manager:
Mr. Costas Sarantos
Type of company sought:
Industries related with steel constructions and chipyards as well as companies dealing with steel.
Desired cooperation:
Export / Direct Sales
Partnership / Trade Cooperation
Tenders / Procurements
Retail sale