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EVDOS SA is the largest company of manufacturing equipment for irrigation and water supply in Greece. 

The successful result is an outcome based on the leadership, specialization and the guaranteed quality of its products.
The company equipped with the latest technology in design, using up to date systems CAD/CAM, in production, using  special machines and equipped with specialized personnel, has the ability to cover the continuing increasing needs of the local and international market.

EVDOS SA priority is to constitute and maintain high quality standards for all the products and services provided in a such a way that customers expectations and special needs are always fulfilled.

With the effective application of certified Quality Assurance System according
to ISO 9001 is achieved effectively best quality in
• Supplies • Production • Testing • Delivery • Service

The certificate according to ISO 9001 is a confirmation for companys interest in TOTAL QUALITY.

Our company is certified according to the standard ISO 14001 : 2004 Environmental Management System.
The epoxy coating which is used for all the products, is suitable for contact with drinking water and it is approved with WRAS and ACS certificate.

EVDOS S.A. intense export activity in recent years and the continuous expansion of its sales network have resulted in the strengthening of the companys presentation in the international market.

The company manufactures :

-Air relief valves
-Irrigation hydrants
-Check valves
-Quick relief valves
-Control valves
-Float valve
-Pressure reducing valve
-Dismantling joints
-Flow limiters
Irrigation and plumbing fittings.
Type of company sought:
Irrigation equipment trading companies, Technical companies (who undertake the construction of water supply networks), Contractors (who undertake the supply and installation of irrigation equipment).