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Our company, «CONSTRINOX M. And A. YANNOYKAKIS S.A.», has as field of work, the supply of complete circle of services in the wine industry, in liqueur-industries, in the industries of milk, refreshments, water, etc. Our company is located in Ritsona Chalkis in a privately owned site of 8.000 m2, accommodating over 2.800 m2 of production area.The state of the art equipment and the human resources of our company with experienced mechanical engineers and specialised technical personnel, provides us the ability of equipping the companies that exist and are developing in the field of industry of humid foods and drinks with complete installations or individual machines, for filling and corking (cork or screwing lids), vibrators, rectifiers, labelling machines, palletisers and depalletisers, loading and shorting tables, washing-machines, parts and accessories.
The company, offers complete services to our customers, beginning from the stage of study, moving to the stage of planning and manufacture, reaching up to the stage of launching operation of machinery and their maintenance.
With the criterion of the continuously increasing needs of modern production and the particular requirements for each of our customers, we use the most advanced CAD and design programs, to solve productive, technological and quality problems.

Our company represents the most appreciable European Houses machine manufacturing some of which are:

DEFRANCESCHI SPA Italy, stainless steel membrane grape presses, (open and close type), with capacity from 2000 kilos to 100.000 kilos .
DELLA TOFFOLA SPA Italy, which is considered the most experienced company in the sector of refrigeration and filtration, with a wide range of machines, which includes:

Cooling Systems of scraper or glycol
Systems of continuous stabilisation of wine for direct bottling, with electronic analysis and control Filters of plates, cartridges, ground of cross-sections, rotating void. Alternators of plates or homocentric of pipes

RAGAZZINI SRL Italy, which manufactures systems for pumping grape must, wine, grape juice, plungers or peristaltic type (pumps ROTHO).

MELEGARI SPA Italy, which manufactures complex instruments of rinsing – filling and corking, rectifiers etc .

BRB Italy, which manufactures labelling machines .

APSOL Srl Italy, machines of palletisers and depalletisers.
Stainless steel pipes, Stainless steel tanks catwalks, Stainless steel tanks for cosmetics and chemicals, Stainless steel tanks for liquid food products.
Managing Director:
Mr. Dimitris Yannoukakis
Export Manager:
Mr. Marinos Yannoukakis
Type of company sought:
Liquid food industries (wine, oil, milk, water), Chemicals, Cosmetics industries.
Desired cooperation:
Export / Direct Sales
Partnership / Trade Cooperation