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45, Methonis Str.
18545, Piraeus, Greece

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Our company, through years of successful presence in the Shipping and Industrial field, since 1981, continues its ascendant course with responsibility and consequence as it extends permanently its activities.
We specialize in manufacturing high pressure systems for oil, fuel and air, high pressure waterblast systems, hydraulic motors and pumps, co2 hoses, as well as in manufacturing of peculiar mechanical constructions-repairs which correspond in the updated needs of Shipping and Industry.

Regarding the continuous upgrade and extension of our activities, we are official distributors in Greece, of Parker-Polyflex in the sector of thermoplastic high pressure water-blasting / water-jetting hoses.

The specialized people of our stuff are ready to offer their services for the best service of our customers, while, at the same time, they extend continuously their knowledge in the new developments and echnological methods.

Our most important target, your best service, is accomplished by cooperating with the best suppliers, as well as adopting at the same time innovative methods.

Our premises, which include ultramodern mechanical equipment as electronic Lathes CNC, iercing Instrument etc and Test Rig for hydraulic pressure tests up to 6000 bar, by AUTOCLAVE USA, as well as their combination with the collaboration with the best suppliers and the quality certificates of the raw material via special tests, ensure the most excellent quality or our products and services.

GENERAL CONSTRUCTIONS “IFAISTUS”, as a pioneer company, is certified with ISO 9001:2008 by BVQI, renewable permanently every 3 years.

Guide on our effort is the proven confidence which large Shipping Companies and Industries have shown to us, companies for which we manufacture parts, a fact that constitutes engagement for us in the direction of the most excellent future collaboration.

Remaining faithful in our values and considering our responsibilities, we follow the technological development of 21st century, making stable and up-leading steps.
Coupling type HERMETO, Flexible hydraulic pipes H.P.-Oil pipes-Fuel pipes, Freon/pipes inox spiral for all types , Marine spares, Metallic pipes for fuel H.P., Valves H.P.-Quick couplings, Water blast flexible hoses H.P..
General Manager:
Mr. Omiros Tsakiroglou
Export Manager:
Mrs. Giouli Tsakiroglou
Type of company sought:
Water blasting, Water jetting hoses, Shipping companies, Industries with constant premises.
Desired cooperation:
Export / Direct Sales