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Athinon - Lavriou Ave (23rd km), Foussa,
19400, Koropi, Attiki

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Chrysovitsiotis DESIGN has its roots back in 1968, when the brothers Theodore and Takis recommend the company P. and Th. Chrysovitsiotis OE. in Cholargos, Attica. The company then dealt with the manufacture and marketing of furniture for business premises and later set up its own furniture manufacturing workshop. At the same time he entered the area of folding furniture with his own production and retail mood at Cholargos at Messogeion Street.

In 1975, the company left its store on Mesogeion Street to build a factory in Koropi, where it is based today. The new plant has expanded twice over the years.

In 1995 the company was transformed into a Societe Anonyme under the new name P. & Th. Chrysovitsiotis SA, with the same activity.
The company was established in the furniture sector with great recognition of its name.

In 1998, P. and Th. Chrysovitsiotis SA was split by creating two new companies, one of which is today CHRYSOVSTIOTIS DESIGN. Companies are now co-operating and continuing their activity.

The new company, Chrysovitsiotis DESIGN, has nicknamed the Chrysovitsiotis brand as a trademark and added the red Xdesign logo to its logo.

It also kept the retail outlets that had been created up until then, and further opening along the way.

In 1999 the company bought a building in Keratea, Attica, where today it is the place to build all the metal parts of its products. With state-of-the-art facilities such as CNC cutting and tube processing, sheet metal and robotic welding systems, the company has established itself for the excellent quality of its products and consistency towards the customer.

In 2005, the company set up an ERP program for its better organization.

In 2007, and continuing its successful course, CHRYSOVSTIOTIS DESIGN ensures its excellent operation with procedures guaranteeing the quality of its products and services.

In this context, the company acquires the ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Assurance Certificate from the world-renowned BUREAU VERITAS organization.
Folding furniture mechanisms (sofa-beds), Metal furniture.
Type of company sought:
Companies selling furniture, Hotels, State Companies (Hospitals, Airports, Army Installations)