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Escarcom S.A. was founded and started its operations in 2009. The company though, enjoys a professional experience of more than forty years within the food processing industry, as a heritage by its mother companies, Saligar S.A. and Salicom S.A., which constantly operated in the same industrial fields from the Mid '60s up to 2009. It is located in Sevastiana Skydra's (Pella prefecture, Greece).

Escarcom S.A. owns two separate production plants. The one is devoted to the processing of snails and the other to the processing of fruits and vegetables. Among the company's possessions is also included a separate storage and freezing facility of a total storage capacity of more than 38.000 m³. The overall industrial unit covers in total a space that is cumulatively estimated to cover more than 14.000 m². The workforce of the company, including permanent and part time personnel, varies between two to four hundred employees seasonally. 

The list of the Escarcom's products comes from the production processes of its two separate business units. That includes buttered snails ('a la Bourguignonne') in a variety of packaging, as well as snail's meat in cans and snail shells. Furthermore, the company produces frozen (IQF) fruits focusing mainly on pitted cherries, peach and apricot cubes, apricot halves and peach slices. The elaboration capacity approaches 3,000 tons of live snails and 15,000 tons of fruits annually. 

Escarcom is aiming to provide to its customers products of the finest quality and taste. In order to achieve this goal, the company sources the best possible raw materials. The snails are imported alive and fresh, from the broaden area of Eastern Europe, the Baltic countries and Greece. The fruits are collected fresh, directly from harvesting, from the farmers of the prefectures of Pella, Imathia and Corinthia, the most prestigious cherry, peach and apricot production areas throughout Greece.

The vast majority of the company's final products are exported in the European market and elsewhere around the world. Also, part of production is distributed in the Greek market, through a selected distribution network.
Snails (frozen buttered, canned), frozen fruits (cherries pitted and un-pitted, peaches and apricots cubes and halves).