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Thessalonikis - Polygyrou Rd (18th km),
57001, Thermi, Thessaloniki

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The company was founded in Thessaloniki in 1976 under the brand name Telco. Our main purpose was to produce doors and lift cabins to meet the needs of the local market. In 1989, it moved to privately-owned premises spanning across 2000m2. In 1991, a landmark year, the company pioneered and started producing automatic doors, being the only Greek company producing all its products exclusively in-house. In 2004, the company’s upward and successful course led to the doubling of its facilities. In 2010, aiming to meet the ongoing needs and desires of its customers, the company decided to offer integrated lift solutions. In 2015, it opened a branch in Athens, to better serve the needs of Southern Greece. Since then, continuously aiming to serve the market, the company has managed to achieve a strong presence in both the Greek and the international lift and lifting systems sector. In 2019, with the main objective of further expanding into international markets, the company is modernised and operates under a new brand name. It changed its name from Telco to Wyltor.

WYLTOR is a company with 45 years of experience in lift manufacturing and offers reliable and quality solutions to almost all types of lifts in more than 33 countries.

WYLTOR designs and manufactures electric lifts with or without an engine room, hydraulic lifts, domestic lifts, freight lifts as well as all lift components with utmost flexibility in production and delivery times and firmly committed to each customer.

The company offers its products to lift installation companies, consulting and architect companies with a view to quality, flexibility, study and design of any lift-related construction need.

Elevators construction.
General & Export Manager:
Ms E. Tasiouli