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EPSI S.A. was established in 1981, from the amalgamation of three independent personal companies. Each of them had a successful background over 12 years. Since its establishment, Epsi has achieved a steady growth both in yearly turnovers as well as in investment and products developments.

For more than 20 years Epsi is a Greek leading company, which defines the manufacturing standards of industrial water chillers and air-conditioning systems. Epsi’s products have become an indispensable device to production lines of plastic industries, chemical, food & beverages, printing, steel/aluminum process, hospitals, hotels, ships etc.

Export activities have been introduced in 1987 and have been proved a successful operation within this important commercial sector, being always in accordance with international industry’s demands.
Exports have been affected already to Europe, Cyprus, Middle East, Turkey, Africa, Asia, and Russia. The export activities are steadily growing and do represent 45% of the company’s turnover.

Using the accumulated experience of the local market as well as following the International Technological developments, Epsi offers to the Industry a complete range of Industrial Water Chillers and Air-conditioning units, providing an easy selection of the appropriate units for each specific demand.

Furthermore, a highly qualified engineering team, is studying and designing further technological developments, while the strongly motivated production team is ready to materialize any special cooling request.

EPSI S.A. established a representative office in Cairo, Egypt in order to cover the needs of the market in Africa and to further develop the after-sales service.

Later in 2005, the company founded a new representative office in Thessalonica in order to satisfy the existing customers in the North Greece and the increasing demand. 
Finally, since the January of 2006, the company is relocated to the industrial park of Schisto in a new owned building of 4200cm under the European standards.

Air handling units, Compact air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, Energy saving systems, Free cooling systems, Heat recovery systems, Industrial liquid chilling plants, Unit coolers / heaters.
Mr. Emm. Michael
Export Manager:
Mr. J. Pagidas
Type of company sought:
Industries of plastic, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Medical equipment, Food processing, Chemical, Wine and Beverages, Printing machines, Fish cultivating and growth, Water treatment.