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Minies Kephalonias
28100, Kephalonia


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IONIAN KALK S.A was founded in 1976 in Argostoli - Kefalonia by Mr I. Kalafatis, who is also the current B.D. Chairman and Managing Director. 
Object of enterprise is the mining and processing of amorphous calcium carbonate CaCO3 and the processing of talk and dolomite granulates in absolutely vertically organized structure and the production of internationally competitive products. The mining takes place in the privately-owned quarries of the company in the region Minies of Kefalonia Island. 
Today the company consists of 70 employees with an annual production of 130.000 tons in processed CaCO3 and talk and 15.000 tons of additional crude CaCO3. 

Calcium carbonate is auxiliary a raw material in the chemical and complex industry and it used as a filled (filler) in the production of products.

The products of IONIAN KALK S.A are intended for industries of colors, flexible, plastic, map, medicines, building materials, forages etc.
IONIAN KALK S.A exports in countries of Europe, Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and Balkan.
Due to the high quality products and low prices along with standardization and reliability, the company has gained the exclusivity in the Greek market. (Percentage 90% in the supply of paint industry and 95% in the supply of plastic industry).

Simultaneously, the company’s presence in the international market is remarkable, as the exported quantities cover the 60% of the production. In particular, the company exports its products in countries of the European Union, in the wider region of the Balkans, in countries of Northern, Southern and Western Africa, in South-Eastern Asia and in the Arabic Peninsula as well as in countries of the Middle East.

Calcium carbonate, Dolomite, Putty, Talc.
Managing Director:
Mr. Ioannis Kalafatis
General & Export Manager:
Mrs. Andriani Douni