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14564, Athens

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Elinoil is a dynamic company, selling energy products to a wide range of customers: 
• Fuels and lubricants to more than 560 petrol stations, 
• Fuels, solid fuels and lubricants to the industry,
• Fuels and lubricants to yachts,
• Heating oil to households,
• Lubricants to ships all over the world.

Elinoil is an integrated private Greek company in the energy field. A company deserving of its good name, with an outstanding success track record and ambitious goals,
with a significant infrastructure in terms of assets, with modern facilities and solid logistics,
with excellent products and a leading position in various business sectors, with a strong dealer network. 

Through a policy of constant improvement, ELINOIL today has:
• Two ultra-modern solid
  fuel-processing plants, at   Aspropyrgos and Volos.
  Thus, it is the main producer   and supplier of solid fuels
  in Greece.
• Warehouses and fuel / lubricants distribution facilities at Aspropyrgos,
  Porto Lagos & Volos.
• A fleet of 25 privately owned petrol lorries, enabling it to offer the best
  possible service.
• A fleet of 3 tankers to cover the needs of fuel transportation to the islands
  and to the company’s depots.
• Offices in Kifissia, Salonica, Volos & Porto Lagos.
• The latest technological equipment installed in more than 560 petrol stations.

ELINOIL’s facilities and infrastructure are being expanded, upgraded and renewed continuously, so that the quality of service is constantly improving.

* GREEK EXPORTERS: Officially registered Gold Member.

Liquid and solid fuels, Lubricants and special products.
General Manager:
Mr. Yiannis Aligizakis
Solid Fuels Exports:
Mr. Yiannis Diamantopoulos
Lubricants Exports:
Mr. Lefteris Levidiotis
International Trade:
Mr. George Pateras
Type of company sought:
Companies in the fuel / gas station wholesale or retail market, as well as any company in the energy sector in general.
Desired cooperation:
Partnership, Acquisition
Merger / Trade Cooperation
Wholesale Retail, J.V.