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ELDON’S was established in 1975 and  is one of the large manufacturing – trading groups in Greece with headquarters in Athens, two (2) production sites in Athens and Argos, as well as two (2) distribution centres, one in Thessaloniki and one in Plovdiv (Bulgaria). Throughout its 37 year successful operation, ELDON’S has developed all scientific and technical attributes as well as experience necessary for the progress of such an organisation.
ELDON’S is the largest Greek company that manufactures a full range of synthetic and mineral based lubricating oils and greases as well as special products (emulsions, process oils, etc.) in Greece and exports its products to 16 countries in Europe, America and Asia.

Our products – mineral oils, greases, synthetic fluids – cover a wide range of lubrication requirements of the Energy, Industry, Transportation, Automotive, Construction, Agriculture and Marine segments and are produced according to international standards and specifications of equipment and machinery manufacturers. We also design and develop customised special lubricants and process products (mineral or synthetic based) for specific applications and operational conditions.

Our main product line includes amongst others:

- Automotive Oils, Gear Oils,
- Coolants 
- Transmission Fluids,
- Hydraulic Fluids, 
- Turbine Oils, 
- Circulating and Industrial Gear Oils, 
- Compressor Oils, 
- Transformer Oils, 
- Cutting Fluids, 
- Metal Treating Oils, 
- Mould Oils, 
- Marine lubricants, 
- Greases, 
- Industrial and Pharmaceutical Paraffin Oils, etc. 
- a series of special high performance lubricants.
ELDON’S operates according to ISO 9001:2008 for the design, production, distribution and after sales service of our products and is accredited by the Bureau Veritas (BVQI) since 1993.

Since October 2005, ELDON’S has developed a strategic alliance with the US manufacturer of specialty synthetic lubricants ANDEROL, by distributing its products in Greece and Cyprus.

ELDON’S is manned by Mechanical & Chemical engineers with great experience in lubrication technology gained in large multinationals in Greece as well as Overseas.

Due to our alliance with ANDEROL we are one of the fewest Greek companies that can provide synthetic lubricants technology for the solution of specific lubrication applications.

We produce over 600 products including food grade and biodegradable products that in case of spillage will not harm the environment as conventional lubricants would do.

These 600 products correspond in more than 3,000 packing options (from small cartridges to 1,000 lit IBC’s). Furthermore, deliveries in bulk are available if this improves logistics through our customer’s installations.

For our production we only use raw materials of high quality and specifications, that origin form specially selected suppliers of the highest standards.

ELDON’S self owned production installations have a capacity of 60,000 MT of oils and 35,000 MT of greases annually.

ELDON’S products meet the strictest quality specifications and are approved by major manufacturers (OEM’s).

Our products and services quality was always our earnest effort. In order to control our production but also to continuously develop our products (R&D), we have a modern and fully equipped laboratory.

Experienced and trained scientific personnel monitor all stages of production from raw materials to final products.

Our services, before and after sales, is of main concern to us. For this reason we have developed a Technical Support Service as well as a Training Service. Both of these services have undertaken the task to help our customers improve the reliability of their equipment and contribute to their profitability.

* GREEK EXPORTERS: Officially registered Gold Member.

Lubricants, lubricating Greases and Oils.
Managing Director:
Mr. Dimitrios G. Dodos
Export Manager:
Mr. Georgios I. Dodos
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