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LANTZIS COMMERCIAL S.A is the largest commercial and processing industry in the field of packaging, which has been active in the Greek market since 1994, continuing the tradition of the production of adhesive tapes by LANTZIS AEBE established in 1963 in Elliniko. 

Providing its customers a complete range of industrial and consumer products, concerning the production- packaging- transportation as well as the coverage of the everyday needs, LANTZIS COMMERCIAL S.A today is the most dependable solution in the field of packaging. The extended experience and the know- how in combination with the infrastructure in the production, alteration and distribution of the company’s products are a guarantee for its collaborators. 

The continuous investments of the company, especially the last three years, in machines for the production (6 printed and 5 slitted machines), storage areas, 3 privately owned distribution centers in Athens, Shimatari and Thessaloniki, ensure prompt distribution in a vast range of products in more than 4.000 customers in Greece.

The company’s brands are recognized worldwide for their quality, e.g.: EUROCEL, ECOPACK for packaging tapes, MANULI STRETCH for films, CYKLOP for pp & pet strap and machines and SIAT for packaging machines.

LANTZIS A. - ALCAN company was founded with a view to separate the representation and trading of rubber raw material from our  activities in the field of self-adhesive products of packaging (production and distribution).

Our company undertook in 1994 the representation of Safic Alcan Paris for the products of natural caoutchouc and Latex. Our specialisation in trading and distribution of these tropical commodities, inspired us to expand in other products of same origins. In 1998 we were involved in trading wooden products .

We provide to the customers our knowledge and services for his optimum purchases, ensuring quality and consequence in these transactions. We constitute the trustworth suppliers of industry of tyre, glue, gloves, balloons, mattresses, carpets, importers of floorings.

We import directly from the main producers of rubber in SW Africa, Brasil, Asia, Iran, Siberia and distribute large quantities of natural and synthetic rubber.  Today we move more than 4000 tons of rubber annually and possess a good place in your preference.

The understanding of customers demand  for steady high quality products, as the possibilities of producer and dynamics of  global market of products constitutes our basic principal.

Fabric and plastic packaging materials, Flexographic printing, Packaging machinery, Paper, Rubber raw materials (synthetic, natural, chemical).