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PREPAC was founded in 1982 as a personal company and directly took action in packaging of agricultural and industrial products. In 1999, was transformed in a S.A., and expanded its activities to cover a wide range of packaging machines and consumables that resulted the inevitable increase in manpower, material resources and expertise. 

Since 2002 a branch office operates in Thessaloniki, which decisively improved our customer service in the wider region of Northern Greece. 

The PREPAC S.A.  provides full technical support throughout Greece. 

In 2002 MACPAC S.A was founded, a subsidiary company of PREPAC S.A. which made its first steps in the industrial area, by producing disposable expanded polystyrene cups. With this investment, PREPAC acquires a dynamic nationwide presence in the HORECA market (Hotel - Restaurants - Catering). 

In 2005 MACPAC S.A. was relocated to a new privately owned factory where a sophisticated production unit for lids and polystyrene sheets was installed. In March 2007, after only five years from its foundation, MACPAC S.A. becomes the first company in Greece to install production lines for cups and lids made by polyester PET. 

With this new investment MACPAC S.A. is now recognized as a significant force in European level and also Greek market is enriched with high-quality products according to the quality standards required from Internationally established catering brands.

In the end of 2007 the PREPAC S.A.  made an important step in its history, by going to relocate to a new private-owned office and warehouse area space of 3000m2 in the Industrial Park of Magoula. With this investment PREPAC S.A. becomes a dominant force in the field of packaging materials and machines, with greater potentials for customer service.

PREPAC is separated into six product groups. The philosophy of the company is to provide customers a complete range of packaging machinery and materials. Each product group has a specialized team of executives who offer to customers and to the market a unique source of knowledge and experience. 

Product Group A 
Equipment and materials for industrial packaging and special systems for the food industry such as machinery and shrinkage materials, vacuum / modified atmosphere, coating film, pallet film, hoops, adhesive packaging tapes, etc. 

Product Group B 
Logistics and machinery for packing plants that export fruits and vegetables 

Product Group C 
Packaging of fruits and vegetables in supermarkets and packing plants that serve the local market 

Product Group D 
Full range of products for HORECA industry (hotels – restaurants-catering) and also bakeries and pastries. Packaging materials for meat-fish-poultry processing plants.

Product Group E 
Sales for third parties: (a) Large facilities of machinery, (b) Packaging materials at great value and volume (commodities) 

Product Group F 
Special products for use in farms 
Plastic lids, Polystyrene bowls, Polystyrene containers, Polystyrene cups.
Managing Director:
Mr. Christos Papazoglou
Export Manager:
Mr. Stefanos Papazoglou
Type of company sought:
Companies dealing in the distribution and import of disposable articles,paper cup manufacturers such as agricultural products packers.