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Oliveway is a purely Greek company that engages in the research, development, production and marketing of natural dermocosmetics.

We aim to combine the latest technological innovations in cosmetology with research and our deep knowledge of the beneficial properties of the Greek flora to develop and offer safe cosmetic products that make consumers’ life more beautiful the natural way: Oliveway.

The history
Since 2004, Oliveway has developed more than 500 natural cosmetic recipes, which contain extracts and essentials oils from 25 plant species carefully selected for their beneficial properties and cultivated organically (organic-certified).

We are dedicated to creating high-quality natural cosmetics. It’s in our nature to dig
out the most precious natural treasures to offer the world our Greek “jewels”: natural, effective, innovative, high-quality cosmetic products carrying the values of natural beauty and well-being into everyday life.

Our inspiration
…lies in our roots: the olive tree. This global symbol of peace and eternal power,
this icon of joy, harmony and purity is our timeless inspiration. 

Greek flora
Greece is renowned for its lush flora and the variety of plant species it hosts.
More than 6,000 species and subspecies are found in the country, while over 15%
of these are endemic, meaning the cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Oliveway invests its knowledge of the Greek flora and of Hippocrates’ ancient recipes and traditional methods into innovative research.

The result? Unique products that bring nature’s longstanding wisdom to our everyday lives.  

Research and development
Our product development is based both on the results of theoretical and applied research and on our commitment to fully take advantage of the beneficial properties
of Greek herbs and plants.

Oliveway products are developed according to the most advanced technologies and the outcomes of cutting-edge research. All herbs and biotechnological research and development material used in our products undergo strict clinical and dermatological testing to ensure absolute safety and enhanced effectiveness.

All Oliveway products are dermatologically tested, paraben, GMO, and mineral
oil- free. Products have received authorization by the National Organization of Medicine and are produced in accordance with all standards and regulations.

Greek natural cosmetics with 100% organic olive oil, Facial care products, Hair care products, Body care products, Men care products, Gift sets, Travel sets.
Export Manager:
Ms. Eleni Kolia
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We are interested in working with distributors of skincare cosmetics and personal care products with organic ingredients, wholesales buyers, Super market chains.
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