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MEDITERRANEAN COSMETICS S.A. is one of the most complete and modern production plant of cosmetics for hair, body and face in Greece. Established in 2006 and housed in privately owned facilities 2400 sq.m on a plot of 4000 sq.m , is organized and structured on European standards and certified with ISO 9001:2008 for the design, production and commercial sales of cosmetics , is  equipped with latest technology that keeps continuous quality assurance for products and services provided.

Our vision and mission can be summarized in a single phrase: ‘Beauty with benefits’. 

At Mediterranean Cosmetics S.A., we place great emphasis on the Research & Development of new products. Striving for innovation, our experienced and qualified scientific staff closely monitors global developments in the cosmetology sector and designs products according to consumer requirements.
We create certified, high-quality Greek cosmetics by selecting and combining the most beneficial ingredients found in Mediterranean nature, such as Greek organic olive oil, with innovative formulas developed in our laboratories, we Research and Develop our products in cooperation with universities and institutes in Europe and North America.

All the products are fully conformed by health and safety standards of the European Union.

Our production lines:

- MEDITERRANEUM NOSTRUM line based on organic olive oil and organic argan oil and is enriched with various ingredients from the Mediterranean flora, full range of HAIR, BODY &FACE products. These products addressed to Drugstores (Pharmacies), Department stores, Beauty & Cosmetics stores, Beauty Salons.
- MEDITERRANEAN HAIR, BODY & COLOR  innovative line based on the revolutionary Hydrarestore Complex™  formula, which is an ideal combination of Collagen and Hyaluron. Hydrarestore Complex™ offers more than 80% extra hydration to the hair and the body, full range of HAIR CARE, BODY CARE products. These products addressed to Drugstores (Pharmacies), Departments stores, Beauty and Cosmetics stores, Upper Class Super Markets.
- HELENSON a line with full range of products for HAIR & BODY at a unique quality and the perfect price. These products addressed to Department stores, Beauty & Cosmetic stores, Super Markets, Drugstores (Pharmacies).
- COLOR PRO & EXCLUSIVE lines with full range of Professional Hair products. These products addressed to Professional Hairdresser Salon & Cosmetic shops.

* GREEK EXPORTERS: Officially registered Gold Member.

Cosmetics (hair colors, body, face products etc.).
Managing Director:
Mr. Nikolaos Betchavas
General Manager:
Mr. Nikolaos Betchavas
Export Manager:
Mr. Dimitrios Paraschos
Type of company sought:
Distributors of Skincare products for professional use, of Hair Care Products & Treatment, of products for Hair Color/Bleach/Perm, Private Label/Contract Manufacturing, Distributors of Skincare/Cosmetics & Personal Care Products with Organic ingredients.
Desired cooperation:
Export / Direct Sales
Third part production
Private label
Partnership / Trade Cooperation
Tenders / Procurements
Joint / Venture