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Handmade Natural Soaps Greece

FilioNature is a family business founded in 2014 concentrating on natural plant based products and more specifically on natural handmade soaps. In spite of the significant competition in the field of beauty and care items FilioNature’s company philosophy of putting both the person and the environment first in regards to the manufacturing of natural products whilst complying with the modern consumers needs for well being promotes the company’s uniqueness in this sector.

In particular by applying the concept of maintaining the valuable natural constituents contained in the ingredients within the end product, the company specialises in the cold process of saponification during the production process which results in the natural  glycerine produced remaining in the soap itself. Moreover, the requisite 45 – 60-day maturation period subsequently implemented ensures that the soap is then completely safe for use.  

By simultaneously focusing on the promotion of the Greek civilisation FilioNature is a pioneer in this type of product combining a handmade cold process soap with three dimensional shapes such as the Owl, the Minoan Bee the wand of Hermes and the Parthenon Acrokeramo. With innovation surrounding each phase of development from the concept of the initial idea to the complete production of the item the company is steadfastly achieving its aim of promoting the traditions of Greek civilisation through the creation of her products which not only respect the environment but protect both the health and beauty of the consumer public.

GREEK EXPORTERS: Officially registered Member.

Handmade Natural Soaps and Cosmetics.
General & Export Manager:
Mrs. Natalia - Maria Dragan
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Importers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Pharmacies suppliers, Organic stores, Hotels, Representatives pet, Retail chains.
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Export / Direct Sales