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Mirabilis24 was founded in 2017. This name was not chosen by chance. In Latin language, mirabilis means miraculous just like the snails characteristics. Therefore, our own vision is that these beneficial properties should be widely known, offering people a fine Greek product, that is based on the snail mucus.
Our snail farm, which has been established since 2010, 
is located in Sevasti Pieria in an area of 10.000 square metres. We have pleasantly created the most ideal conditions so to collect the highest quality of snail mucus.

Mirabilis24 is not just a company which offers fine products in beautiful packages. Mirabilis24 is something further than this. It is a philosophy of life and in its heart you can find our respect and admiration for all natural raw materials. All that matters is our own production to be with respect for nature.

is a brand new company in the cosmetology field, which aims to launch natural and innovative products in the world market.

Therefore we have created a unique face care product, which is based on the mucus of Greek snails.
Thanks to the beneficial characteristics of this raw material and in conjunction with the rest ingredients, we provide our customers with high level face care.

At the same time, we seek appropriate ways to promote and cooperate with educated and experienced people in the cosmetology area, so that they can support our customers at any time.
An anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, regenerative skin care product, Pure raw snail secretion.
Type of company sought:
Aesthetics centers, spa, hairdressers, hotels, pharmacies, retail store chains, perfume shops, boutiques, pharmaceutical companies.
Desired cooperation:
Partnership / Trade Cooperation
Wholesale / Representation
Export / Direct Sales