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Inspired by the Ancient Greek wisdom of herbal therapy and following traditional family recipes, Fresh Line was founded in 1992 in Greece by Mayra Vagioni-Stasinopoulou, starting with a small shop in Athens.

The story of Fresh Line began when the founder decided to share and convey the knowledge she acquired from her grandmother, whose family owned a traditional soap factory in the island of Zakynthos.

It was the long history of the Ancient Greek medicine and its famous practitioners, philosophers and physicians such as Hippocrates, Dioscurides, Theophrastus and others, that encouraged the family to utilize beauty recipes, based on fine herbs and rare plants from Greek nature. Those recipes offered aromatic and therapeutic properties, a cherished tradition that was passed along from one generation to the other.

Throughout the years, driven by the need to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit, Fresh Line developed exclusively in-house a wide portfolio of products for face, body & hair based on herbal extracts, organic plant oils, essential oils and natural butters. Aside from standard product formats, it still preserves authentic homemade products like handcrafted solid shampoos, Our first store in Athens, 1992 infused oil blends, vinegar hair sprays and soaps that are produced with traditional handmade techniques, without the use of machinery.

In all Fresh Line points of sale, one can also find the Fresh Bar, a pioneer concept of products sold by weight at any desired quantity, including certified organic face masks kept in the cooler, shower gels, body milks, body butters & imaginative soaps that are served fresh in the store.

Today, the Fresh Line family counts more than 100 people. It operates its own 6000 m2 production unit in Athens and an extensive network of 250 points of sales in 16 different countries with devoted friends all around the world.
Cosmetics, perfumes.
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Supermarkets, Importers, Wholesalers, Retailers & Distributors of fresh and canned fruit and vegetable products.
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