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FREZYDERM S.A. was established in 1986 by Mr. Anastasios Anastasiou. Its main objective was to design, produce and market dermatological products, introduce such products to dermatologists while keeping them updated, and promote products via the Pharmaceutical distribution channel. Our Company aims primarily at designing and manufacturing safe and effective, high quality, products that conform to strict pharmaceutical standards, products that will become dermatologists' reliable partner.

With a view to constantly improving its products and developing new ones that will address even the most specialized physician requirements, FREZYDERM founded the "R&D Dermocosmetics Department", which then partnered with European Universities so as to study and assess its products, as well as to share information and new data that refer to all types of cosmetic products.

In 2002, the Company opened a new, privately owned dermocosmetics plant, a state-of-the-art, fully equipped, specialized cosmetics unit that conforms to the EU directives. The plant has research labs staffed with well-trained, highly specialized scientists, it uses vertical production and has warehouses for raw materials and finished products.

According to long-term researches disclosed to Pediatricians and Dermatologists, our Company ranks first among several multinational companies in terms of scientific updates on cosmetic products.

Contemporary market data led us to the creation of a Sales Department. Our network is currently expanding with 4,500 pharmacies across Greece that build the FREZYDERM brand name day after day, hence creating more shelf space for our products.

In 2009, FREZYDERM introduced the Bio Baby Food to the Greek market, which is only sold in pharmacies. In January 2009, we introduced Frezylac, the first bio milk formula, and on May 2010, the Bio Baby Food product line was supplemented by Frezylac Organic Purees.
Cosmetics, medicated products, drugs.
Managing Director:
Mr. Giannis Anastasiou
General Manager:
Mr. Makis Anastasiou