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The company was founded in 1980 with the aim of providing technical support for radiologist and radiotherapist machinery. The first electronic structure constructed for the Greek Hospitals was the SILVA device, which, by using the method of electrolysis, collected the silver from the liquid fixative radiographic films. This device was placed in most of the Greek hospitals. Since 1985 I deal exclusively with special technical support for the radiotherapy departments in all Greek Hospitals. I worked on the design and construction of model devices for radiology - radiation therapy and research projects. Some of these devices are in operation even today in Greece radiotherapy departments. In a research program we constructed for the Aretaion Hospital a fully automatic 3D dosimetry system was used originally for dosimetry of the new linear accelerator radiotherapy department at the Aretaion Hospital, and Theagenio Cancer Hospital in Thessaloniki.

In the 1990 we worked on whole body radiation therapy. Continuing this tradition of construction, we make stable blocks of lead for the radiotherapy departments of Greek Hospitals. The technology in radiotherapy is rapidly progressing and our company is the first in Greece that has the expertise to build individualized radiotherapy blocks and e - blocks. In 2009 we started to develop the expertise of carbon fiber material for radiotherapy. The years passed and after five years of effort we are pleased to inform you that we have completed the construction of a whole range of radiotherapy equipment. With the use of carbon fiber materials we redesigned the exterior metal casing of the Bucky device. The portable Bucky x-ray is a patent of our company.

Today it is made entirely of carbon fiber thus reducing the overall weight of the device by 8 kg and increasing its functionality. The development of our expertise on materials made of carbon fiber has enabled us to construct radiotherapy accessories and equipment of high quality and functionality. Through this site we present the radiotherapy accessories that we have built so far. It will be immediately apparent to you who are users of these components the comparative qualitative functionality of the radiotherapy accessories manufactured to those found on the global market. We design, evolve and continuously improve the functionality of our constructions. Some of the radiotherapy equipment that we present cannot be found on the global market for radiotherapy devices because they are exclusive patents of our company. You will not find these radiotherapy accessories on this site until the patents are submitted to OBI ( Industrial Property Organization). We continue to design and develop our expertise on Radiation Oncology offering highly functioning radiotherapy equipment with top quality workmanship and functionality. Currently our company can provide you with technical support. We are able to manufacture medical radiotherapy equipment by special order for your research project observing with absolute reverence your confidence in our company. 

Our company is the only company in Greece that develops Medical Radiation Technology and one of the very few internationally.
Innovation and Quality products for radiation therapy, Patient fixation system.
General & Sales Manager:
Mr. Eleftherios Kaloumenos
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We are seeking for the official distributors/agent.