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A Greek company, Mega Disposables SA is one of the largest manufacturers of personal hygiene products in Europe. Founded 40 years ago, Mega SA has grown organically to become today market leader in the personal hygiene sector in Greece
(Sanitary napkins, pantyliners, Incontinence products, Baby wipes, Antibacterial wipes, Make-up removal wipes, Baby diapers).

With a portfolio of well-known brands, that have gained consumers’ trust, such us EveryDay, Pom Pon, BabyCare, Babylino, Tipers, Wet Hankies, ΜΕΓΑ, Sani etc., we have built our very own 100% Greek product line for personal hygiene.

Our Product categories:

Woman: Sanitary napkins, pantyliners, cotton discs, make-up removal wipes, intim wipes, intim wash. 

Baby and child: Baby diapers, baby pants, baby wipes, bed pads, antiseptic wipes for children. 

The elderly: A full range of incontinence products (light inco pads, pants, briefs, bedpads). 

The entire family: Cotton wool, cotton buds, antibacterial wipes, wipes for cold relief and other specialty products. 

MEGA creates products of exceptionally high standards, based on a product quality control and certification system comprising the Internal QA System, which is continuously upgraded, fully automated, and computerized. Moreover, we cooperate with approved laboratories and official certification institutions specialized in products of our sector.

Our holistic product range is designed to provide top performance paired with unmatched, proven respect to the skin, addressing the personal hygiene needs of consumers of all age groups. At MEGA maximum consumer safety is a non-negotiable priority. Since the first day of our existence, we have been designing and developing products which combine top quality and best-in-class safety standards. From the moment an idea for a new product is born to its first design and its eventual production, our priority is to offer consumers the best quality and safest product possible.

Our goal is the development of top quality, innovative products with a Greek identity and signature. Investing constantly in acquiring state-of-the art production machinery, we reinforce the effectiveness of our manufacturing capabilities. We strategically invest in research and development through our fully equipped and resourced R&D department.

Our company constitutes a powerful international force in its sector in 4 continents, achieving a nine-fold increase on our export rate during the period 2010-2019. Large multinational companies, as well as prestigious retailers, trust MEGA as their main supplier for their products.

Our unwavering promise to our employees, consumers, shareholders and to all our stakeholders, is that we will always operate responsibly as part of our commitment to the Greek economy and the well-being of the communities we operate in, as a small token of appreciation for the trust we have received from them.
This commitment is reflected in our internal procedures and policies, as well as in the actions we develop via the implementation of social responsibility programs, as we aim to grow our business, while reducing our environmental footprint.
Disposable products for personal hygiene (sanitary napkins, pantyliners, baby diapers, baby wipes, cosmetic wipes, intim wipes, refreshing wipes, cotton products, incontinence products), medical masks, antiseptics.

Managing Director:
Mr. Constantin Vitouladitis
General Manager:
Mr. Constantin Vitouladitis
Export Manager:
Mr. Christos Ganotis
Type of company sought:
Distributors of branded products, Companies interested in contract manufacturing to complete their product range, Super market chains for private label.
Desired cooperation:
Export / Direct Sales
Private label
Commercial cooperation