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Industrial Area of Sindos
57022, Sindos, Thessaloniki

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ACRILIX S.A. is a second generation, Greek plastic polymer products manufacturer, founded in 1981 and is a pioneer in fabrication of solid acrylic products such as PMMA (Plexiglass), Foam PVC, PC, PS, and PE, PPE, PVC, TEFLON and many more. The Company is currently one of the most reliable companies in their industry sector and is located in Sindos, Thessaloniki (Greece) .

Their long-term experience, solid technical expertise, professionalism, consequence on deliveries and the responsible solution of any problem that may come up, make Acrillix S.A. a manufacturer of plastic polymer products that is always one step ahead. Using Advanced CAD software platforms throughout the production process, the company ensures every detail of the final product.

Acrilix S.A. focuses on offering their clients ideal, tailor made solutions and fair pricing, which enables the company to engage in successful and mutually beneficial business relations.

Acrilix focuses in producing superior quality products, using the newest and most innovative materials, without any compromise. Therefore the company uses the purest raw materials, from the biggest suppliers in Europe.


The company produces in privately owned facilities, which include a 5000sm indoor production unit and utilizes state of the art machinery, tools and technology. (Laser, CNC, ODC, Lathe, Large heat line bending machines, etc)   

The applications of acrylic polymers are innumerable and able to cover any professional or commercial need. Acrilix stock program covers every customer need and specialized products can be delivered in just a few days,  so production agility is our main goal.

Innovative and visionaries in Acrilix, we abolish the no, in service and we are next to you with the most productive way. Located constantly to your needs, enchain to continue to cover them to the extreme.

R&D / Quality Control

Proper Organizational Structure is the fact that gives the right quality of our products.

This means organized production, correct suppliers and continuous training of our employees in all branches.

PRODUCTION (Design, Costing, Packing, Commerce)

Last but not least the right attitude before and after sale towards our customers, is another of our main priorities.

Our product range incudes:

1. Thermoformed PMMA hemispheres (max dome diameter: 1850mm)
2. Windshields for small boats.
3. Drape forming/press forming/air blow forming parts.
4. Vacuum/press forming parts.
5. Shop equipment (hotel – HO.RE.CA – store) medals.
6. parts for lighting industry.
7. Sneeze guards of every type.
8. Custom orders accepted.

The company complies with ISO 9001:2015 international certification and is available for international exports/Co-operations.

i.e. Leaflet holders, acrylic buffet ware, show cases, slat wall-acrylic shelves, speakers pontium, stands, ballot & lottery boxes, money collecting boxes, acrylic display stands, acrylic trophy awards, event decorations, hemispheres etc. and custom orders.

Managing Director:
Mrs Michaela Kamari
General & Export Manager:
Mr. Diogenis Kamaris
Type of company sought:
Whole and retail companies. All companies for custom orders. Shop equipment, dining rooms, hotels, professional decoration, designer and construction companies, cosmetics merchants, candy-markets, confectionery merchants, sun-glasses merchants, optic glasses etc.
Desired cooperation:
Export / Direct Sales
Partnership / Trade Cooperation
Third party production