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Larissas - Volou Rd (25th Km - palaia)
41500, Larissa

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One of the oldest & largest cotton ginners and merchants in Greece.

The roots of Violar S.A. in cotton business go back in 1955 and are closely connected with the dawn of mechanical cultivation in Greece. It was our devotion to our customers and our eminence to quality control that placed us high in the marketplace and set the bases of a flourishing course. Expertness in cotton ginning and grains and the provision of totally reliable supplying services have reserved us a special position among other suppliers of raw cotton and grains around the globe.

In 1955, the four brothers, Anastasios, Dimitrios, Ilias and Constantinos Markou, started ginning cotton in the already established Livadia area’s facilities.
In 1969 the cotton seed oil factory was inaugurated only to be followed by the cotton gin in 1978, both in Livadia area.
By 1994 the second ginning mill started operating in Achilleio, Larissa, so that Markou Bros can reach and serve the farmers-suppliers of the plains where more than half of Greek cotton is produced.
In 2004 Violar S.A. acquired another facility, a previously state-owned silo and warehouse complex in Velestino-Volos, expanding their trading capabilities, since the new complex can facilitate, preserve, manage and efficiently distribute all of its products.

ICA members since 2000. Quality Control is the cornerstone of our operations since both input and output of the commodities we trade are controlled, certified and categorized before storing or loading through our modern and fully equipped laboratories in order to reward our suppliers for their quality and in order to secure to our customers the credibility and the homogeneity of our products they buy from us.
Raw cotton, Cotton seed, Wheat, Corn, Barley, Oats.
Mr. Vasilios A. Markou
Managing Director:
Mr. Vasilios I. Markou
Vice President:
Mr. Anastasios V. Markou