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KENTIA and a journey through time.

1977 : To talk about KENTIA today, we must first know the history behind a name that over the years, became synonymous with quality and refined taste. Let’s go back to 1977, in Piraeus, when Efstratios Pasgianos founds the company called "E. Pasgianos & Partners O.E. ". The first wholesale store of embroidery lays the foundations for the further development of the company and essentially opens the first of many successful chapters in the history of KENITA.

1989 : The second generation follows in the stable and successful footsteps of the first and Ioannis E. Pasgianos undertakes managing role.

1990 : With an eye on the market needs and with consideration of the non-negotiable values of quality and consistency, the production of products begins through the operation of a privately owned modern processing plant which meets the strictest standards.

1992 : The company is transformed into a limited company under the name KENTIA.
A new chapter begins having as main players quality, high aesthetics and a complete range of products. KENTIA is established in the Greek market and opens its wings to conquer abroad.


KENTIA and a journey that continues.

After so many years of steady and successful course in the domestic and international market, KENTIA - a purely Greek model company - continues to maintain its freshness and dynamics but also a prominent place in consumers’ heart.

Today KENTIA is the market leader, for it has succeeded in being a fully integrated module that imports 100% combed cotton fine quality woven fabrics, processes them and then creates and offers unparalleled white linen bearing its signature brand.

At 6,000 square meters of its privately owned establishments in Moschato, in a super modern and functional space, KENTIA has concentrated the entirety of its business - from production and packaging to the handling of its products -  managing to control 100% of its production process and to respond quickly to market demand.

KENTIA products include bed sheet sets, duvet covers, quilts, throws, blankets as well as accessories for the table such as runners and tablecloths.
Curtains, Embroideries, Quilts, White linen.
Type of company sought:
We are interested in establishing a co-operation with a leading department store or big retail shops that can provide a sufficient area of their shop for displaying KENTIA products or whomever is interested in undertaking a chain store establishment under the name of KENTIA.