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3 Parmenidou str.,
12131, Peristeri, Athens

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Portaline was established by Mr. Nikos Georgantopoulos in 2002, based on his knowledge and technical experience in wooden door production.
The production line of Portaline was created using flexible, modern technology and machinery, with the express intention of producing a superior quality wooden door.
Portaline, N. Georgantopoulos & Co., produces wooden doors, certified according to:

• ELOT EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ensuring the ongoing superior quality of our wooden doors with accreditation of the Greek National Accreditation Organization.
• ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System through Moody International Ltd. T/A Intertek (United Kingdom) accredited by UKAS Management Systems.

Our production line:

-Hospital doors                 -Sound reducing doors
-Operating room doors     -X-ray doors
-School doors                   -Water resistant doors
-Kindergarten doors         -Design doors
-Office doors                     -Wooden frames
-Hotel doors                     -Steel frames
-Residential doors            -Aluminium frames
-Fire resistant doors         -Door accessories

Since 2006, Portaline N. Georgantopoulos & Co., has invested and continue to invest, through: a) the European Regional Processing Programs, b) the European Processing Programs relative to renewal of production facilities and installation of new technologies, according to which, has successfully introduced our specialized Fire-Rated, Acoustic doors and x-ray proof line.
Portaline Fire-Rated doors have been assessed by Exova Warrington Firetest Center of the United Kingdom, with accreditation of the Greek National Accreditation Organization, EGA.

The good performance of our doors, based on customers’ evaluation and approval, gives as the strength to continue pursue our original goal of satisfying the exact specifications of our customer and project needs.

GREEK EXPORTERS: Officially registered Member.
Wooden Doors, Frames and Accessories.
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Managing Director:
Mr. Nikolaos Georgantopoulos
Sales & Export Manager:
Mrs Katerina Georgantopoulou
Type of company sought:
Commercial or manufacturing companies, relative to wooden or metal doors and windows, as well as contracting companies.
Desired cooperation:
Wholesale / Representation
Partnership / Trade Cooperation
Export / Direct Sales
Tenders / Procurements
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