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EUROCERT constitutes a Greek multinational Inspection and Certification company, with 20 years of operation that follows a dynamic growth path on a worldwide scale, based on the commitment to total quality of the services provided.

EUROCERT, as an independent body for Inspections, Audits and Certifications is the largest purely Greek company in the field. Having developed a high level of know-how and experience in the global market, it offers more than 50 Certification and Inspection services in sectors including food safety, agricultural products, tourism, energy management, environ - mental sustainability and railways. For the past 20 years, EUROCERT follows a steady growth course both in Greece and abroad, having already carried out 40,000 industrial Inspections and having awarded 55,000 certificates. With an active presence in more than 35 countries, a network comprising of more than 500 Greek and foreign inspectors, EUROCERT is the first Greek Certification company to be accredited by the ESYD (National System Accreditation - Greece), UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UK) and SAAS (Social Account- ability Accreditation Services – USA).

In addition, in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, EUROCERT has introduced in co- operation with CSR Hellas, the worldwide innovative Ethos certificate.

In spite of the crisis EUROCERT managed to apply a stable financial plan during the past decade that enabled it to almost double its turnover and more than triple both its permanent staff and its partnerships abroad. Today EUROCERTs turnover out of the Greek territory accounts for 50% of the total and is equally impressive as its investment program since 2009, including the purchase of 2.5 million Euro worth company-owned offices in Metamorphosis (Attica).

Ever since its establishment, EUROCERT has built a wide international network of associates and customers, boosting its intense activity in Europe, Asia and the MENA. Having obtained the trust of some of the largest companies operating in the Greek and international markets, EUROCERT’s business interest is now oriented mainly towards the Asian and South American markets. The new big bet is already China, where he managed to enter a few months ago by creating a joint venture in Shanghai with the Shanghai System Safety Research Center (SSSRC) for certification of all kinds of infrastructure and material around the railways. The SSSRC is the Southwest Jiaotong University business institute, the oldest Polytechnic of China, with special railway expertise and industry interfaces.

The aim of this cooperation is to provide, with the decisive contribution of EUROCERT, certification to the Chinese railway industry, based on EU standards and legislation, in order to facilitate the China-Europe rail link to the so-called Silk Road. This is a huge prospect given that China has 127,000 km of rail network and 3,095 km of Metro, Tram, etc., with an annual investment of around 150 billion euros and a large number of manufacturers of modern rolling stock. The latter are also targeting the sale of rolling stock in Europe. And to do so, they need certification that everything is done according to European legislations and standards. Something that EUROCERT, which has been recognized by the European Union as a Notified Body (NoBo) for rail infrastructure and rolling stock, can give them.

At the same time, however, the company has managed to have a significant presence in countries such as Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, India and to certify important projects and international companies. Some of these are the airports of Kuwait, Jordan, Cote d’Ivoire, Tanzania, Abu Dhabi, Egypt and Morocco, an international oil company in Kuwait, a Swiss catering company for airlines and railways, logistics companies in Washington, , an elevator maker in China, high-tech companies in Korea, performs BRC certification in food, in the US, in cooperation with AIB, the largest food control body, and has a strategic partnership with Turkey with the Turkish Standards Organization (TSE).

At the same time, EUROCERT expresses a strategic interest in the huge market of agricultural products in Brazil.

EUROCERT is established overseas as the trusted body of Audits, Inspections and Certifications, having secured worldwide presence and major international accreditations. By adopting a continuous development policy, EUROCERT has evolved into one of the most successful Greek multinational companies, with extrovert strategic planning, offering high added value and innovation. 
Certification and Inspection services.
General Manager:
Mrs. Athi Chalkiopoulou