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120 NATO Ave
19300, Aspropyrgos


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Through 30 years of successful presence  in the Sector of Iron-Steel  trading and processing, "TRIGONIS BROS S.A." group of companies holds today a leading position  in this sector in Greece.

Our first activity was launched in 1972 with the foundation of the transportation company "TRIGONIS BROS Transportation Ltd." with only one truck, and managed to own today a privately-owned fleet of 22 trucks.

A series of successfull moves followed:

In 1978, the company "TRIGONIS BROS Co." was founded, aiming at the construction and sale of multistoried buildings.
In 1983, the first activity related to iron trading started. This company was named "SIDIROPAL LTD".
In 1985, another company "SIDIROPLEGMA LTD" was founded.
In 1986, "TRIGONI BROS S.A.", was born.
And in 1990, the "TRIGONIS IRON Ltd." was founded.
In 1993, "SIDIROPAL LTD.", "SIDIROPLEGMA LTD." and "TRIGONIS IRON LTD." were merged and absorbed by "TRIGONI BROS S.A.".
Finally, in 2001, the "TRIGONI BROS S.A." was renamed "TRIGONI BROS IRON-STEEL S.A.".
The company is based in Aspropyrgos (industrial zone), in a privately owned area (offices, warehouse and industrial facilities) of 20.000 square meters. 

With strategic moves tht are continuously adapted to the current market enviroment, our growth strategy did not stop there. Today, the group of enterprices TRIGONIS BROS, has a number of assets apart from "TRIGONIS BROS IRON-STEEL S.A." and the "TRIGONI BROS TRANSPORTATION LTD.: the "TRIGONIS BROS REAL ESTATE & PROPERTY MANAGEMENT S.A." as well as the "TRIGON GAS S.A.". 

Maintaining the quality, the safety, the technological supremacy and the best quality of service to all our customers being foremost in our minds, we do not simply expect for all our companies to maintain the rapid growth rate, but to keep on expanding at a higher rate and beyond the Greek borders. With optimism and hard work, we are implementing a thoroughly thought-out business plan adpted (and continuously readspted) to the needs of our era and the continuous changes of the Market, in order to stay ahead in the bastions of the 21st century.
Concrete Reinforcing Steel (S500s, S220), Meshes, Auxiliary Materials, Sections, Hollow Sections, Merchant Bars, Iron Sheets/Plates.
President & CEO:
Mr. Dimitrios Trigonis
Vice President:
Mr. Ioannis Trigonis
Export Manager:
Mr. Konstantinos Tzamaloukas