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The Sidenor Group manufactures, processes and trades steel products. It is currently the largest Greek producer of steel products, and has established itself in leading positions in both Greece and SE Europe in general.

Sidenor Group dates back to 1962, and today it is a vertically integrated group of companies with 36 subsidiaries and associated companies, 16 of which operate outside Greece. The Group operates production plants in Greece, Bulgaria, FYROM and Australia.

Expansion in SE Europe starts in 2001 with the acquisition of Stomana Industry in Bulgaria, in which Sidenor makes continuous investments aiming to manufacture high value-added products, increase its production capacity, improve product quality, and curtail production costs.

In 2006, Sidenor Group further penetrates the market of Southeast Europe with Dojran Steel in FYROM, which runs a long steel product and mesh plant, to cover the needs of the local and the Kosovo market. From 2007 to 2011, an extended commercial network is developed in Serbia (through Sidebalk Steel), in Albania (through Sideral Steel) and in Romania (through Siderom Steel) to fully respond to the needs of the local markets and of the wider area, as well.

The Group’s production facilities are constantly being upgraded and expanding, through an extensive long-term investment plan exceeding EUR 860 million, for the period 1998-2014.

The products of Sidenor Group meet even the most demanding customer needs in Greece and abroad. The Group’s main priorities are commitment to high quality in products and services, emphasis on innovation, investment in state-of-the-art technology, customer-orientated operations and employee development. Technical excellence on the production level combined with a strong sales network, both in Greece and abroad, allows the Sidenor Group to maintain its leading position in the production, processing and trading of steel products.

Sidenor Group of companies

Aiming at optimal operational efficiency, the activities of Sidenor Group are fully vertically integrated in the following sectors:

steel production / rolling mills
downstream operations and
sales and distribution
Concrete reinforcing iron, steel profiles and sheets.
Managing Director:
Mr. D. Paraskevopoulos
Desired cooperation:
Export / Direct Sales
Partnership / Trade Cooperation
Tenders / Procurements
Third party production