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Archirodon, a large diversified international contracting organization, was established in 1959 in the form of a J.V. of the Greek firms Archimidis, Greece’s foremost marine contractor at the time and Odon & Odostromaton, a road construction specialist group.

Archirodon, a large diversified international contracting organization, was established in 1959 in the form of a J.V. of the Greek firms Archimidis, Greece’s foremost marine contractor at the time and Odon and Odostromaton, a road construction specialist group.Guided by two of Greeces most prominent construction pioneers, Theodore Constantopoulos and Constantinos Karpidas, the Joint Venture started its professional life by building the ports of Benghazi in Libya 1961 and subsequently the port of Beirut in Lebanon 1962.The Joint Ventures success soon led it to develop into a major contractor in its own merit, establishing itself in 1971 as Archirodon Construction Overseas Co. S.A. Under sound management, dedicated professional manpower and the quality and reliability of its work, the company further developed, expanding its operations initially in Saudi Arabia and subsequently in other Gulf countries, in North Africa and the Mediterranean area.Among its early projects had been the construction of the multi-million dollar seaports of Jeddah and Dammam and other major ports in Saudi Arabia, three ports in the United Arab Emirates, and numerous other important marine works.In the 1980s and 1990s Archirodon, while still upholding its reputation as one of the top marine contractors internationally, further developed into a general contracting group, diversifying into other fields including roads, bridges, railroads, industrial facilities, power, water and sanitation, oil and gas, dredging, electromechanical and geotechnical works.Among Archirodons major projects are marine jetties for oil and LNG unloading facilities, petrochemical and other berths in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Egypt, as well as dredging and shore protection, etc.Additionally, container terminals and other port construction works have been carried out in Oman, Cyprus, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Egypt. Moreover, major bridges have been constructed in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain as well as in Abu Dhabi where the landmark Sheikh Zayed 960 m long Third Crossing bridge and the 1.6 billion Khalifa port were recently completed.

All civil and marine, as well as electromechanical works for the 14X370 MW Shoaiba Steam Power Plant in Saudi Arabia have been also carried out by Archirodon as partner of a consortium. Other power plant experience includes two thermal power plants in Egypt and work for three IWPPs (two on a subcontract basis from Siemens) in Saudi Arabia.At present, Archirodon with its parent company Archirodon Group N.V., registered in the Netherlands since 2000, has main offices, branches and project sites in Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E, Switzerland, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Greece, Cyprus, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.Additionaly to its diversified activities, ranging from feasibility studies to complete turnkey EPC projects, Archirodon has established a large engineering department to handle the most specialized engineering work required by its multi-discipline projects.Archirodon maintains an Integrated Management System IMS, a powerful tool to guide and support all Archirodon staff in their day to day work.

The IMS system incorporates a great part of the companys accumulated experience and know how, covers Archirodons business needs, complies with the International Standards ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, the Technical Specification ISO/TS 29001 and also meets our Clients’ requirements.Archirodon is certified by TUV Nord from 2002 under ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 quality, health, safety and environmental international standards and from 2015 under the Technical Specification ISO-TS 29001 quality management systems for the Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas Industries.

The companys staff of over 16,000 at present, includes specialized engineers, operators and skilled technicians. Archirodon also owns an impressive array of plant and equipment articles, part of which consists of 228 marine equipment units, including floating cranes, floating platforms, dredgers, barges, etc. as well as a large number of land-based construction machinery.
Marine & Offshore, Industrial, Infrastructure (Ports & Harbors, Jetties Terminal & Offshore Structures, Breakwaters & Shore Protection, Offshore Pipelines, Intakes, Outfalls, Dredging & Reclamation, Power & Desalination Plants, Oil & Gas Facilities, Pumping Stations, Bridges & Roads, Railroads, Water, Sewerage, Dams & Irrigation Projects).