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Greece - China Relations

In Athens, as in Shanghai, we find that our relations are warmer than ever. Confidence is a given, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said, during joint statements with the President of the Peoples Republic of China Xi Jinping in Athens..

Mitsotakis said that they had a productive discussion and thanked China for supporting Greece during the years of crisis.

He also announced that he will pay a new visit to China in April, as this will strengthen the two countries relations.
The Greek prime minister stated: "We are expanding our relationship with China now that Greece is once again taking on a lead role.

Mitsotakis referred to the importance of the 16 agreements that are to be signed during the visit and the port of Piraeus, which is becoming a major transit hub. He welcomed the opening of Chinese banks in Greece and stressed the importance of strengthening the flow of Chinese tourists to Greece.

Greece sees future with renewed sense of optimism!

After 10 very difficult years, the Greek economy is making a dynamic recovery, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Tuesday, speaking at the opening ceremony of the China International Import Expo 2019 in Shanghai.

The Prime Minister stressed the strategic relationship between Greece and China, which has developed over the past decades and is growing in scope, talking about ties between the two countries that go beyond trade, investment, technology, tourism and economy. Both countries boast cultures that have left a strong imprint on the human history.

The Prime Minister spoke of the development of shipping in Greece and noted that the Greek shipowners control
25 percent of the global merchant fleet, while adding that Chinese shipping giant Coscos investment in Greece is an important success story.

He stressed that this investment is an example of how a Chinese company was bold enough to invest in Greece at a time when the country was not considered uninvestable.

My government has just approved a plan for additional investment of 600 million euros in the port of Piraeus. It is already the largest port in the Mediterranean. It can and will become one of the three largest in Europe, Prime Minister said.

He also spoke at length about the course of the Greek economy and the negative interest rates on Greek securities, estimating that the country can achieve growth of 3 percent in 2020.

Greek exports to China on the up 

Greek exports to China jumped 84.9 percent helped by strong exports of Greek cotton (up 7,193 percent), marble (up 54 percent) and oil products (2,282 percent), a report by the Greek embassy in Beijing showed on Thursday.

The report noted that Greek food and beverage exports to China rose significantly last year, although exports of traditional products, such as fur, showed signs of fatigue.
Imports from China fell 12.32 percent to 2.52 billion euros last year, hit by the deep economic recession in the country and by a 56 percent decline in ship deliveries to Greek shipowners, although demand for photovoltaic panels and metal scrap jumped by 240 percent and 468 percent, respectively.
The report noted that the increase in Greek exports was an encouraging sign for the future, without however ignoring the fact that a significant part of this advance last year was attributed to the export of products with no seasonal stability in bilateral trade, such as exports of cotton and oil products. The embassy report also stressed that the policy of Chinese authorities to boost domestic demand and an increase in the living standards of Chinese citizens would have a positive impact on Greek exports.
The food / beverage and the pharmaceutical - cosmetics sectors could become dynamic export fields, while a government policy to restrain real estate prices in China –slowing down construction activity- could put a short-term brake to exports of Greek marble.

Over the next decade and-a-half, imports to China are expected to rise by $40 trillion, making the Chinese market a high priority for Greek exporters.