Find a Greek Partner


Working with Greek Exporting industries for more than 35 years, we serve a large amount of Greek enterprises and companies, of different sizes, production capabilities and export needs.

Our list of clients includes large top-tier enterprise firms, SMEs , historical corporations and businesses and many others.

For the past 5 years we have been working carefully on this project and deployment starts this summer, including only the best, most promising and reliable Export-ready companies of Greece. Greek companies produce undoubtedly top-quality products, offering innovative solutions and mutual benefit business proposals.

This initiative incorporates many actions such as multi-threaded promotion, carefully designed campaigns and many more dedicated actions that focus on the enhancement of our members export activities .

ARGO2021 will be a non-stop process until the end of this year. New companies that wish to join at a later time point, can enter the operations stream during the deployment period.