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C.A.I.R S.A.

2nd Km Rodos – Lindos Ave.
85100, Rhodes

+30 22410 68770-3
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C.A.I.R S.A. was established in 1928 and remains one of the largest wineries in Greece, constantly progressing by investing in modernization and quality.  Our mission is focused on producing and selling high quality wines from the Rhodian P.D.O multivariate vineyard. After the ISO 9001/2000, the company has been recently certified by the European Quality Assurance organisation (EQA), accredited by the British body of UKAS with the new standard ELOT EN ISO 22000:2005.

We are producing a full range of select wines with a wide variety of tastes and prices that meet the requirements of contemporary business people and consumers. From traditional flavours such as its excellent Retsina to its exquisite sweet Muscat wines and from leaders with regard to the relation of quality/price to the prestige bottles of Pathos and Selections.
With the recent redevelopment of its vineyard, C.A.I.R finds itself in line with the new culinary trends. Today, the white varieties of Athiri, Malagouzia, Asyrtiko, Muscat white, Muscat Trani, Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay and Uni Blanc are grown as well as the red varieties of Mandilaria, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Temranillo, and the very promising new variety of Dodecanese the Mavrothiriko, whose first wines have impressed domain experts.

The Rhodian Vineyard is characterized by quality alpine grapes, with high production costs, since the altitude, soil and orientation of the vineyards, in connection with the multiple microclimates of the island, result in the production of small quantities of high quality grapes.

C.A.I.R has established itself as the synonym of Greek Natural quality sparkling wine as it is the first winery in Greece that produces natural sparkling wine in the traditional French method of secondary fermentation in the bottle.At a time where the allure of sparkling wines is at its peak in all parts of the planet, C.A.I.R captures the messages of our times and initiates us into the secrets of bubbles.

GREEK EXPORTERS: Officially registered Gold Member.

Wines and natural sparkling wines.
General Manager:
Mr. Alexander Glynos
Export Manager:
Mr. Nikos Chaziris
Type of company sought:
Import companies, wholesalers.
Desired cooperation:
Export / Direct Sales
Private label