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Polydroso, Parnassus
33051, Polydrossos

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Nikos Argyriou was born in Polydrosso, Parnassus, and the occupation of his family has been agriculture and livestock breeding. Since1982 his activities have been related to tobacco, as well as other agricultural products, which shows his close relationship with the land and its cultivation.

It was Nikos Argyriou’s love for good wine, though, as well as his deep knowledge of agricultural production that inevitably led to the creation of the first vineyards in 1998. So far the total area has reached 310 stremmata, an area sufficient enough to meet the demands for the production of wines exclusively made from the estate-owned vineyards. The Vineyards of Parnassus were created in 2003, the year when the first vinification of the Red Erochos and White Erochos took place.

To this decision contributed to a great extent the suitable pedoclimatic conditions in the area of Parnassus, which are suitable for the cultivation of not only Greek but also international varieties that bring about excellent results.

At the Vineyards of Parnassus we cultivate the vineyard with great care and respect for the environment. With faith and devotion to the winemaking culture of our country, but also through the usage of modern methods of vinification, we produce quality wines that worthily represent the region.

The Argyriou family aims at a stable production of high quality wines, to which contribute the most suitable pedoclimatic conditions that prevail in the area of Mount Parnassus.

Wines (Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Sauvignon blanc, Malagousia, Erohos red and white, Tango rose).
General & Export Manager:
Mr. Athanasios Argyriou