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13671, Acharnes, Attikis

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PADERIS BROS COMPANY, is a second generation, family owned meat processing industry that runs the 5th decade of its operation in the Greek market founded in 1970, by PANAGIOTIS PADERIS.

Over the years, and with the significant contribution of the owners’ two sons, George and Costas, the company has expanded its range of fine meat PRODUCTS and includes, all authentic Greek sausage recipes, roasted smoked pork and beef hams, dry aged products, like sujuk – a unique authentic eastern recipe and many others. 

In November 2003, as a result of hard work we acquired our self-owned 2000 sq.
me factory, that lies on a total area of 6000 sq. me, in Acharne, Attikis while investing heavily in upgrading our production process and quality control systems that secure our high quality specifications.

The company applies
the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, according to which, all production stages, beginning from the raw materials to the end product, must strictly adhere to the related hygiene and sanitation regulations and also holds the ISO 22000
and IFS Certificates.

We are involved MAINLY in wholesale business and to retail sector selling to the largest Greek wholesalers, CASH AND CARRY STORES like MART being the largest in its sector, renowned Greek hotels like Great Bretagne, CARAVEL (DIVANI) HOTEL, HILTON, etc. and also, restaurants, deli stores and other.

We export currently to 12 countries generating about 1% of our total sales volume. We expect to raise total exports by at least 10%.

We have established ourselves offering high quality products at the best price through channels of wholesale distribution. According to the latest FNB DAILY sources, 66% of potential customers seek for high quality products.
We earned worldwide recognition, by participating the ITQi food organization contest in Brussels with 7 Superior Taste and Quality Awards. Specifically, our beef prosciutto, our smoked roasted duck breast (three stars), our smoked pork chops with two golden stars and four types of our Greek Traditional Country Style Sausages were awarded.

GREEK EXPORTERS: Officially registered Member.
Fine Meat Products, like Authentic Greek sausage recipes, roasted smoked pork and beef hams, dry aged products, like sujuk – a unique authentic eastern recipe and many others.

Managing Director:
Mr. George Paderis
Sales & Marketing Manager:
Mrs Heidi Merjanis Paderis
Type of company sought:
Wholesalers, Cash & Carry stores, Deli stores, Supermarkets, HORECA etc.
Desired cooperation:
Commercial cooperation
Export / Direct Sales
Private label
Wholesale / Retail
                                              Superior Taste Awards  (iTQi)