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In 1870, on the olive tree - rich, Greek island of Lesvos, Dimitris Papoutsanis set out to build the first steam engine powered olive oil pressing factory. That factory was nοt made just tο produce olive oil of the finest quality... A small portion of this humble yet precious ingredient, was kept to produce pure olive oil soap.

This marked the birth of a Company with a history of more than 140 years...

In 1913 the production facilities were transferred to Piraeus where the first production-line bar soap was made. 

The company enlisted in the Athens Stock Exchange in 1972.

In February 2001, Papoutsanis continuous growth brought the opening of its newest, state of the art, factory near Athens...The largest soap production plant in Eastern Europe and the largest hotel amenities provider in Greece.

PAPOUTSANIS Vision is to create a flexible and reliable organization for those who uses our products throughout the world.

The consumer is our highest priority and our purpose is to serve the needs of our customers by providing innovative products of high quality at competitive prices.

Building on our Heritage and Know How we Endeavor to become Better.


Papoutsanis company, with years of experience and expertise in the cosmetics industry, is a top choice for some of the largest consumer goods (FMCG) and retail companies in Greece and around the world. Both private label and branded products that the company manufactures on behalf of its clientele, come with Papoutsanis high-quality assurance, whereas its long-lasting partnerships stand as a proof of trust and credibility.

Production for Third Parties
An important business unit and a priority for Papoutsanis company, includes bespoke production for third parties, under its clients’ branding. These products are manufactured under high-quality standards and according to clients’ certain specifications, both locally and internationally.

Private Label Products
Private label products are usually produced on behalf of supermarket chains and bear the trademarks of the chain, or group of supermarkets. In Greece, the companys share in private label industry amounts to 35%, with a growing rate coming from the continuous expansion of its portfolio through the production and design of new products and innovations, but also through the expansion of its partnerships with big retailers in Greece and overseas.

                                                           SOAP NOODLES

Papoutsanis holds an equally important position in the industrial supplies sector, since 10% of its turnover, comes from sales of special types of soap noodles overseas, used as raw material for soap production. The company has developed significant know-how in the production of special-type soap noodles, and offers a wide range of choices, enhancing in this way its business activity in France, Italy and other countries of Central and Northern Europe.

Cosmetics, soap, cleaning goods, personal care products.