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In 1975 our company started its progress in the area of insulating materials. In the beginning the company was a family-business and it produced a few bitumen products. After a very successful progress for 15 years, the company achieved to become expert on the production of spreading water-tightening and insulating materials. In 1991 the form of the company changes due to the entrance of new partners, and it gets renamed to "AVIP Valamonte Pilitsidi L.T.D.".

After that, our company gets on the increase with a very stable and controled way. The variety of the products becomes wide and the quality gets improved and stable. For the next few years the business, in the aggregate, raises up in a proportion of 25% annually. In 1997 the factory is transfered to a new building of 1000m2.

In 2000 the form of the company changes again due to the entrance of a new partner, and it gets renamed to "AVIP Constructing - Insulating L.T.D.". The company keeps up with the development in the area of insulating materials, it participates in exhibitions, it gets advertised with brochures, and registers on-line (internet). It contemplates (considers) the ways of promoting abroad the products and has achieved it (exportation) in five countries already. Simultaneously, the provided services get improved and the main purpose of the company is to be in the best attendance on the customers.

AVIP Constructing - Insulating L.T.D. is a company that functions consistently, has the sense of responsibility and believes that the progress of the company depends on the high quality of the products and the contentment of the customers.
Insulating bitumen, chemicals, polyurethane and cork materials, varnishes.